11-25-08 Notes

OERC Phone Conference

Andrea Okrentowich
Anil Srivastava

Stephan – Provided an explanation of his current work. Stephan has left Guiti and is working with Anil in Open Source education – creating a company for open coursework with collaborative tools. He discussed the professional services surrounding AcrossWorld as well the potential for financing from outside sources such as World Bank. AcrossWorld Inc. is in the process of being registered and is being overseen by Sam Pitroda. He has a meeting today is Washington, DC

Larry – Letters of Invitation: Diane is currently working on them, they are in rough draft form now but they should be done within a week. A list of possible partners is needed. A spreadsheet was made previously with a start-up list of potential partners.

We need to make an effort to populate spreadsheet so we can send out the letters of invitations.

MERLOT – Email from Gerry says he’s done some work on the website based on previous meeting.

Anil – Anil has confirmed changes on the Merlot – OERC site. Gerry should be contacting us this week.

Funding Options and Plans

- Potential for funding depends on OER-Health effort

Anil – Make sure we get funding from OER – Health

Hewlett foundation proposal was started but is now set aside.

Anil had a meeting with National Library of Medicine

Anil is looking into Robert Allen Johnson foundation – they are involved in medicine - technology

We need to revise our initial 2 page note together to open conversation with others.

Ian – Friend of Ian’s is pushing the initiative at World Bank a meeting with the friend is expected in the New Year.

Help in the managerial dept. is possible – sources are available – financial support

Has there been any plan to meet with Richard?

Larry was told he would be contacted by Richard but he has not been contacted as of yet – Larry will check back with Richard.

Anil – We should directly deal with Ian at the INCTR in Brussels.

Ian – 501(c)3 organizations are interested in knowing whether potential recipients are NGOs – we are a not-for-profit. We should not have a problem with international funding.

We need to have a discussion with Richard as to whether we need to have 501(c)3 status is the US

Larry and Anil will continue to try to contact Richard.

We will cross the funding bridge when we get to it.

Talk to Hewlett - in international funding is a 501(c)3 necessary or is the INCTR reputation enough.

We need to work in parallel with Richard and INCTR

INCTR existing material needs to be referenced into MERLOT site to begin educational material database.

INCTR will need to enter material via batch process.

Ian – no problem with starting to link material to MERLOT. What material is useful: PPT, articles, etc.?

It is a good exercise uploading material; it will help us determine what works and what is needed.

Larry – MERLOT will link to the site and connect materials – no upload is needed.

Use materials already available on Ian’s site.

Anil – creating links to material will help us see what needs to be changed. The only problem is that some material might be on a member’s only page. That material could be put directly on Merlot page.
Ian – Ian can make a page of relevant material – will talk to Gerry about this.

Should we include different documents such as technical docs, etc?

Larry – Talked to Gerry about this – different levels of articles can be reviewed by editorial staff and it can be placed on Merlot in terms of relevance. Users can also determine how relevant material is.

It is a good idea to populate the site with materials and reach out to potential users and see what happens.

Ian’s site has several thousand visitors per month.

MERLOT site will trace back from Ian’s site and allow for easy tracking.

Michigan University OS education department is committed to submitting material. So is the Oncology Nursing Society.

Larry – We need technical assistance. MERLOT staff, hire someone or we work on voluntary basis.

Anil – We will use a combination of MERLOT and volunteers for now and look for future funding for technical assistance.

Larry – The American Cancer Society is a potential funder/partner.

Larry – we need to look for this funding b/c volunteers have a lot to do outside of OERC and it will be a long slow process.

Ian – Agrees with Larry. He would be doing most of the work on his side. He can reach out to look for potential assistance.

Anil – It’s a catch 22. We need to show what we are doing in order to qualify for the money to help get work done.

Larry – We need to figure out how we are going to get everything done.

Anil – we need to start by looking for small amount of funding. MIT was able to get funding b/c they were contributing their own material but we are contributing material from various institutions.

Can Larry start a conversation with the University of Michigan?

Larry – to get the Univ. available for material contribution, we need to populate the site.

Domain Acquisition

We do not have a formal structure yet.

A small invoice will go to Ian and will provide evidence of payment.

Anil will find out what needs to be done for domain transfer and acquisition so we do not loose the site.

Larry – Gerry wants to fill taxonomy with material and we need to find a site we like so that he can walk us through the process during the next meeting.

Tuesdays at 11am are our regularly scheduled weekly meetings. An open agenda will be posted on the wiki.

Larry could itemize agenda and replace bullet points with numbers.

Andrea will email meeting reminders with a link to the open agenda the night before meetings.

Andrea will contact members or they can contact Andrea about changes that need to be made to the wiki.

A to-do list needs to be made on wiki.

A running list of partners needs to be made.

The wiki needs to be made more formal with more structure.

Notes will be posted after meetings as well as what needs to be followed-up on.

Notes will be added to wiki and an email will be sent out to request any changes need to be made.

The first item on agenda will be review prior weeks notes and give approval.

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