12-09-08 Agenda

Open Agenda

Old Business:

  • Changes made to draft letter:
          • Change the word “modules” to materials
          • Add “system” to CA State University
          • OERC should request signature page before allowing contributions
          • Use links instead of attachments/link to wiki page
  • List of potential partners on Excel
          • A list of contacts and agreements will be sent to Andrea for updating and maintenance.
          • Larry will send the letter to Karen: Administrator at Boston University
          • Send letter to the list of people already created
  • Activation of MERLOT site/Submission of educational modules to MERLOT site and INCTR's Depot site for contributions at: http://inctr.ctisinc.com:9000/sites/InCTR/OERC/default.aspx
          • Ask Gerry to have a batch move of contributions on December 15th.
          • OERC members will add contributions to Ian’s site for Dec. 15th batch move.
          • Diane, Anil and Larry can represent the academic side of OERC. INCTR will act as project leader and Andrea and Anil will act as supportive role to OERC.
          • Decided that chief technical officer is an important role for Anil.
  • Continued Discussion of Funding Options and Action Plan to Secure Funding
          • Larry will forward Richard’s contact information to Andrea so that she can try to schedule a meeting with Richard for OERCs next phone conference.
          • Andrea will keep track of contributors list – those we have approached and those we are interested in approaching – as well as those who have signed on.
          • Andrea will create list server
  • Communication with Steering Committee members/Newsletter
          • Andrea will try to consolidate the number of recent changes listed on the wiki.
          • Diane and Andrea will work together on the newsletter
          • Anil will look into the two listed websites. [Please go to OERC-Websites page]
  • Review of TO DO List and Status
        • Andrea will create a To-Do list on the wiki

New Business

  1. Approval of 12-2-08 meeting notes [Andrea]
  2. Discussion of role of INCTR-USA in OERC [Larry]
  3. OERC Websites [Anil]
  4. Discussion about a project summary [Dianne]
  5. A review of the steering committee to date [Dianne]
  6. Information item: Paul Kleihuis and PubCan [Ian]


OERC Phone Conference


Anil Srivastiva
Diane Kaseman
Ian Magrath
Lary Lessin
Andrea Okrentowich
Stephan Thieringer

Old Business
Topic: Changes made to draft letter:

Discussion: Diane had sent the draft to Larry with proposed changes. Larry needs to approve it and then determine the proper attachments.
Anil stated that Gerry would be available tomorrow to get documents for the attachments together.
Larry questioned whether we had letterhead for the invitations and Anil said that he has something but that he will work on getting something created for the letterhead. Diane mentioned that Anil should send the letterhead to Andrea so that she can add it to the OERC wiki and the newsletter. Larry mentioned that he has something on PPT which he will send to Anil. A signature page also needs to be developed.
Dianne wondered whether there were any legal issues we should be aware of such as intellectual property rights. Anil stated that we should discuss this Martin Deutsch.


1. Larry needs to approve draft letter
2. Anil will work with Gerry to get attachments ready
3. Anil will locate letterhead for the invites and OERC wiki
4. A signature page will be made
5. Martin Deutsch will be contacted regarding legal issues.

Topic: List of potential partners on Excel

Discussion: Andrea created a potential contributors page however it is not accessible through TOC so she must fix this and let members know when this is done. Anil discussed that Anuja Pathak has created interactive world maps on other websites and perhaps she could add one to OERC wiki.


1. Andrea will fix the contributors page.
2. Andrea will talk to Anuja about adding an interactive map to OERC

Topic: Activation of MERLOT site/Submission of educational modules to MERLOT site and INCTR's Depot site for contributions at: http://inctr.ctisinc.com:9000/sites/InCTR/OERC/default.aspx

Discussion: The group discussed that activation of the MEROT site which is not done yet b/c Gerry has been ill. Larry commented that we need assistance from MERLOT to move Ian’s contributions to MERLOT. Larry has had access to Ian’s site. Anil stated that he will be working with Gerry this week to move contributions. Stephan can also work with Gerry.

Dianne and Larry both discussed the importance of getting formal written instructions on how to move educational material to MERLOT for the group and contributors.

1. Anil, Stephan and Gerry will work together this week to get the materials moved to MERLOT.
2. We need to get written instructions from Gerry on how to move contributions.

Topic: Continued Discussion of Funding Options and Action Plan to Secure Funding

Discussion: Ian received an email from Richard stating that he was very busy. Ian explained another option; Helen Lane acts as a fund raiser and maybe we could speak with her. Anil felt that we need to talk with Richard and he is still trying to get a meeting with the world bank. He will send information about this meeting via email or post it on the wiki.

1. We will continue to try and meet with Richard.
2. Anil will continue to try and arrange a meeting with the World Bank.

Topics: Communication with Steering Committee members/Newsletter

Discussion: Dianne explained that we need to know who is who on the steering committee and whether the contact information for the committee members is correct. Anil will rake information and send it to the board for approval. Dianne wants to finish the newsletter this week and sent it out; we need a mailing list.

The group also discussed the meeting in Chicago and how Karen was supposed to be there but she had never shown up. Larry stated that he will call her. Dianne would like Karen contacted and to confirm her involvement.

Dianne checked for a project summary and there is none. Dianne will write one with Andrea’s help. All members agreed.

1. Steering Committee list will be confirmed by members
2. Newsletter will be edited and a finished draft will be completed by next meeting
3. A mailing list must be created
4. Larry will contact Karen and confirm involvement
5. Dianne and Andrea will draft project summary

Topic: To-Do List

Discussion: A to-do list was created and more items need to be added. We need to add additional steps to some of the items; for example the newsletter has several steps and these should be bulleted.

New Business

Topic: Minutes Approval

Decision: Approved

Topic: Discussion of role of INCTR-USA in OERC

Topic: OERC Websites

Discussion: Anil has looked onto the sites and Andrea and Anuja will clean them up and get them transferred. OERC International site can be used as a corporate website, we have the resources. Andrea can start on the OERC International Site. The Cancer Open Education site could be a pointer to MERLOT site and transfer rights to appropriate group.

1. Andrea will begin work on the International site.
2. Andrea and Anuja will clean up sites and find out about transferring them.

Topic: Discussion about a project summary

Discussion: Larry commented that we should use the 2008 Concept Note to start the project summary and that one we get MERLOT up and running we can use it as a main feature. Larry has an August 2008 version which he can send to Dianne. Dianne would like the project summary condensed to one page. She also commented that she would like an introduction of Andrea in the newsletter.

1. Larry will provide 2008 concept note to Dianne.
2. Andrea will provide short bio for newsletter.

Topic: A review of the steering committee to date

Already addressed during old business.

Topic: Information item: Paul Kleihuis and PubCan

Discussion: Ian discussed Paul Kleihuis and Pubcan. Pubcan.org (user and pin: UICC) is a large database and possible resource. Paul recognizes, according to Ian, the size of this project and has two years of funding. He is thinking of giving it to UICC after the two years time. It is possible to pursue and agreement between OERC/MERLOT for taking over the database. Pubcan has 2000 editors and is open to contributions from professionals. It was Joe Hartford who suggested that Paul talk to UICC. Anil sees this as a resources and maybe we can collaborate. Ian suggested that, in time, we could contact Paul with a concept of what we’d like to do. Pubcan will open to the public after the new year. It is like a wiki but with different software.

PDQ Database of NCI. Paul’s site will have links to outside resources. Paul may be interested in giving the site to a highly recognized organization. It uses the TNN system. If we do not have it transferred to us, we could still have it linked to us as a resource. Anil stated that we need to integrate resources that will be useful to users and build our credibility.

Anil added a resource page to the wiki that could add links such as Pubcan. Anil and Stephan need to look through the sites architecture and make sure that links are reliable. Stephan suggested that we create an organizational tree which would show how we contact and connect with resources, etc.

Off the agenda:

Dianne wants to get contacts and send them to Andrea for the newsletter.
Ian wants to start with a targeted list.
Anil suggested that we have the newsletter sent to Ian to be sent out to recipients on the list.
Ian stated that if we go public with the wiki we could make a profit. Anil discussed Amazon Associates as an affiliate program that may be useful. Andrea will send him info on that.
Anil also discussed the Global Giving Website which donates to world organizations and it may be possible for NICTR to join and receive donations. This may overcome 501(c) 3 issue.

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