12-2-08 Agenda

Open Agenda

December 2, 2008

  1. Approve meeting minutes from 11-25-08 [Andrea]
  2. Draft letter to contributing partners
  3. List of potential partners on Excel spreadsheet
  4. Activation of MERLOT site (see Notes from Gerry Hanley)
  5. Submission of educational modules to MERLOT site
  6. INCTR's Depot site for contributions at: http://inctr.ctisinc.com:9000/sites/InCTR/OERC/default.aspx
  7. Continued discussion of funding options and action plan to secure funding
  8. Communication with Steering Committee members, ? Newsletter
  9. Review of TO DO list and status
  10. Meeting with INCTR USA lead, Dr. Richard G. Pestell, Director, Kimmel Cancer Center
  11. Educational Use of Copyright Material see page listing the guidelines and resources on the Web
  12. Table of Contents - still seems not to include the most useful items, such as these meetings and the location of the Excel spreadsheet.


OERC Phone Conference


Larry Lessin
Andrea Okrentowich
Dian Kaseman
Anil Srivastiva
Ian Magrath

Agenda Item:

1.Approval of Meeting Minutes

Discussion: Headings need to be used for minutes. Diane would like for a division to be made between old and new business.

Decision: Minutes approved.

2. Draft Letter to Contributing Partners

Discussion: Letter was reviewed.

  • Diane questioned whether OERC should request the signature page be returned before contributing.


  • Change the word “modules” to materials
  • Add “system” to CA State University
  • OERC should request signature page before allowing contributions
  • Use links instead of attachments/link to wiki page

3. List of Potential Partners on Excel Spreadsheet

Discussion: There are numerous verbal agreements; for example: University of Maryland Cancer Center, University of Michigan, John Hopkins University, School of Public Health. Discussed the possibility of bringing Norman onto the steering committee. Anil suggested that this was a good idea, even if Norman can’t make it to all the meetings. Norman needs persuasion to join due to Bureaucratic issues. Diane suggested OERC make it comfortable for him to contribute. Ian stated that Norm already has a project that is at least partially funded by government, so he should be comfortable with collaboration. Any conflicts of interest that may come up should be ok, according to Ian. Larry asked where the Excel sheet of potential partners is. Diane stated that once the newsletter is up and running, it will be easier to secure commitments.

Larry discussed the possibility of using Ian’s advisors in other countries as Pilot users and then ask them how they are using it. Ian agrees with this idea. Larry also mentioned that at the upcoming convention there will be a sign-up sheet for OERC contributions. Diane suggested that there be a computer set up at the booth that will demonstrate MERLOT. Anil agreed. Larry would like to see at least 60 contributors.


  • A list of contacts and agreements will be sent to Andrea for updating and maintenance.
  • Larry will send the letter to Karen: Administrator at Boston University
  • Send letter to the list of people already created

4 - 6. Activation of MERLOT site/Submission of educational modules to MERLOT site and INCTR's Depot site for contributions at: http://inctr.ctisinc.com:9000/sites/InCTR/OERC/default.aspx

Discussion: Anil posted notes from Gerry which demonstrated that he has made significant changes to the site. Ian has contributed 8-10 ppt slides and would like feedback. There was a discussion on moving Ian’s slides to the MERLOT site. Gerry can have a batch move made. Larry would like to upload lectures to Ian’s site. Ian would like the taxonomy on his site similar to OERC site.

The role of each member was discussed. CTIS was also discussed, that OERC should acknowledge CTIS involvement. Anil also discussed a certain mindset that should be used when speaking with outside companies and organizations who are concerned with OERC having 501(c) 3. Address this issue upfront.


  • Ask Gerry to have a batch move of contributions on December 15th.
  • OERC members will add contributions to Ian’s site for Dec. 15th batch move.
  • Diane, Anil and Larry can represent the academic side of OERC. INCTR will act as project leader and Andrea and Anil will act as supportive role to OERC.
  • Decided that chief technical officer is an important role for Anil.

7. Continued Discussion of Funding Options and Action Plan to Secure Funding

Discussion: Anil discussed his plans to go to an upcoming World Bank luncheon and that he will be posting drafts and ideas onto the OERC wiki. The group also discussed getting Richard Pestell involved. Larry has contacted him via email. Diane stated that we should mention to Richard that we continue to establish a steering committee; solidifying relationships with partners. Anil noted that we should continue to make a wide effort to bring in as many people as possible, Diane said we need a list server and Anil agreed; stating that Andrea can create that.

Diane commented that we need to review the concept note to make sure it is up to date; that way we can provide it to potential contributors. She also stated that we need continuity between the concept note and the draft letter.


  • Larry will forward Richard’s contact information to Andrea so that she can try to schedule a meeting with Richard for OERCs next phone conference.
  • Andrea will keep track of contributors list – those we have approached and those we are interested in approaching – as well as those who have signed on.
  • Andrea will create list server

8. Communication with Steering Committee members/Newsletter

Discussion: Communication needs to be increased and that can be done with the newsletter. There is some confusion over the two links on the wiki that are connected to OERC. One site does not exist and the other is a different site than what is described. There was also concern over the number of recent changes listed on the wiki.

  • Andrea will try to consolidate the number of recent changes listed on the wiki.
  • Diane and Andrea will work together on the newsletter
  • Anil will look into the two listed websites

9. * Review of TO DO List and Status

Discussion: The To-Do list needs to be revived and added as a page tag, as well as the concept note and the signature page. Emails and phone numbers could be provided. Diane suggested that we add “for more information please contact”… and Anil stated that we should use our own emails as contacts for more information.

  • Andrea will create a To-Do list on the wiki

Note: Items 10 through 12 were included in the above-mentioned discussions.

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