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February 24, 2009
Conference Call

Please call: 712-421-6842
Code: 672630#

Meeting Agenda

1. Approve Meeting Notes from 17-Feb.-2009
2. Review of the newsletter [AO]
3. Status constant contact
4. Transfer of web site domain and Website progress
5. Agreement for Collbaboration between AcrossWorld and OERC - Website mention
6. Short term funding progress
7. Legal status of organization
8. If time, brief discussion of eGranary

Notes from 24-Feb-2009
Phone Conference


Dianne Kaseman
Andrea Okrentowich
Stephan Thieringer
Gerry Hanely
Ian Magrath

1. Meeting minutes

Decision: Meeting minutes will wait to be approved until next week when the entire EC is present.

2. Newsletter discussion

Dianne opened the discussion with suggestions as to what to add to the Coming Soon feature in the newsletter. She suggested highlighting features on MERLOT, information on the upcoming Turkey conference and more steering committee features. Dianne also mentioned that there were a few sections left out from the last version of the newsletter that she supplied; such as the INCTR being a lead organization.

Stephan suggested that the committee develop a style guide to use with all communications and publications. He also suggested that the committee create a standard operating guide. Ian suggested we development our own style guide.The group agreed. Anil stated that he would like to see the newsletter complete by next Tuesday.

Decision: The group decided that the newsletter should be a quarterly publication. We also need to receive contact information for potential subscribers from Ian. Dianne would also like to be removed from the SC features. Stephan and Andrea will work on the style guide together. Create a page on wiki for the OERC handbook.

3. Status constant contact

Constant contact has been set up and Andrea sent out tester newsletter.

4. Transfer of web site domain and Website progress

Rita Lewis provided the information for the transfer of the international website to Andrea and Stephan is assisting in the creation of the site.

5. Agreement for Collbaboration between AcrossWorld and OERC - Website mention

Stephan discussed the possibility of collaboration between OERC and AcrossWorld. AcrossWorld will be allowed to be a collaborator. This agenda item was not discussed thoroughly because members were missing from the discussion.

Decision: Andrea will add this to next weeks agenda.

6. Short term funding progress

7. Legal status of organization

Dianne stated that INCTR is the lead supporting organization. Anil added that we are a project within INCTR and that once more people are involved OERC can become a legal organization. Ian agreed. Dianne suggested the the EC make this a goal. Future funding is needed. Dianne stated that organizations everywhere are going though critical review, so we need to tie in with one of their objectives. Ian suggested we tie in with Joe Harford. Gerry stated that we need to develop a real business plan then demonstrate how we can become sustainable. We need to ask ourselves why we are better than traditional cancer projects. Dianne added that we need to get a clear view of similiar organizations with overlapping goals. Gerry stated that we need to conduct a market analysis and become a collaborator rather than a competitor. Dianne suggested that Brenda Nevidjan could be helpful.
Gerry stated that it may be a good idea to invite some of these organizations to the table and ask them how we can be useful to them and become collaborators. Ian stated that there are a range of organizations and they all may have different agendas. Dianne stated that the overlap might be enough to spark interest. Gerry stated that we need to consider service organizations as well as providers. Anil stated that our high priority is a business plan.
In terms of funding, Anil stated that anything in open education resources needs to be nonprofit or else funding will be difficult.

Side note: Anil suggested we articulate the agenda items with more description.

Decision: We need to build a list of potential collaborators. We need to define what kind of organization we want to be.
Gerry will try to outline a business plan on wiki.

8. If time, brief discussion of eGranary

Ian was approached by eGranary and organization with a different kind of business model. They wanted to be able to use Ian's material. They deal with those with poor internet access. They sell hard drives full of information to other countries. They yse satellite (or hard drives) to deliver information to those without internet access.
Anil discussed that this is a problem that has been present in open education. Having content delivered is important and this is one way however, internet archiving is free. Gerry responded that internet archiving is free but how do you make money? OER where can revenue come in? In OERC we are leveraging through other institutions; but where can revenue come in? Part of our business plan needs to be how we will create revenue.

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