3 10 2009

March 10, 2009
Conference Call

Please call: 712-421-6842
Code: 672630#

Meeting Agenda

1. Approve minutes from 3-03-09

2. Newsletter

Notes from 3-10-09 Phone Conference

Larry Lessin
Dianne Kaseman
Anil Srivastava
Stephan Thieringer

1. Minutes Approved

2. Newsletter

Discussion: Anil suggested we allow someone outside OERC committee to draft the newsletter. Dianne noted that GraceMarie and Dr. Svetlana needs to be added to the newsletter.

Decision: Stephan and Andrea will work on the newsletter together.

3. The committee decided to follow 3/March/09 agenda for the remainder of the meeting.

4. OERC-Merlot site

Discussion: Andrea discussed Gerry's instructions for approval of the 1.0 website.

Decision: Andrea will bullet list how to add content to OERC-Merlot site. We need to collect everyone's picture to add OERC-Merlot Voices

5. Funding/Petty Cash

Discussion: We "need an angel". We need to find informal funding. We could appeal to individuals in a form of a tax break. Anil stated that it would be difficult and that Obama's speech indicated to the assistance of global health. We need to thiink on how to approach this and work on an application. Dianne suggested that we work with Gerry to see how other projects are being funded. Anil noted that it would not really be Merlot or open source but global education. The Executive committee had a deep discussion on funding opportunities and the need for a proposal.

Dianne left the meeting early.

Larry suggested that we create a one page document of what we are doing, what OERC is and what we are trying to do. Anil has tracked possible funding options but has not approached anyone yet. What we need is a narrative of OERC.

6. Potential steering members

Discussion: Larry stated that he has two potential SC members Tom Fayhe and Karen Admin [SP?].

7. Turkey

Discussion: Larry will have a 20 minute presentation on education resources in Turkey. He will be using slides in an attempt to do outreach and assess needs. Anil proposed a small meeting with Larry and Joe Harford. Larry suggested that steering committee members and other interested individuals for a follow-up meeting. Last years meeting cost between $2000-2500 to hold. Joe may have available conference rooms which would reduce costs.

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