3 17 2009

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March 17, 2009


1. Approve minutes from 10/March/2009
2. Old business:
2.1 Launch of OERC at INCTR meeting; adding developing country partners; slide presentation; handbook
2.2 INCTR to open a separate bank account for OERC.
2.2.1 contributions from friends and corporations/institutions we know. This could be a donation through INCTR using INCTR donation form for this purpose.
2.2.2. Process for management of the account with Exec. Committee oversight.
2.2.3.CTIS contribution but need to bring in other corporations as CTIS has put in over $10,000 in cash so far, if not more.
2.3 OERC Steering Committee Meeting as Ancillary Meeting at ASCO 2009 in Orlando, Florida. See http://oerc.wikidot.com/asco2009 notes].
2.4 Opening the OERC.MERLOT.org site
2.5 Steering committee: additional members: Tom Fahey, MSKCC, Karen Antman, BU, Kevin Cullen, UMD
3.0 New business
3.1 Gerry Henley's note about OERC@Merlot website changes. See http://oerc.wikidot.com/ghenley-3-17-09
4.0 Next meeting
2.6 Newsletter feedback?

NOTES: 17/MARCH/2009


Larry Lessin
Aron Primack
Dianne Kaseman
Stephan Thieringer
Ian Magrath
Anil Srivastava
Andrea Okrentowich

Anil suggested that Andrea and Dianne work together and then send the final version to Stephan for formatting.
The committee discussed that we have over 1100 members and are not eligible for a free subscription with Constant Contact.

Dianne suggested that the newsletter be printed for the Turkey convention. Ian agreed and suggested that we get the newsletter to Sedwick within 24.

In Turkey Larry will be handing out Partnership Application forms which will address what the educational needs are and invite attendees to join. He also suggested that the handbook be made available electronically.

Bank Account:
Ian stated that a seperate bank account for expenditures for OERC. Dianne stated that if a check is sent to OERC it should be made out to INCTR with OERC in the memo.

The committee also discussed social networks and the potential to reach out to 150 thousand NGOs (on Facebook alone). We need to discover how we can use it to maximum potential and increase funding. Google has the possibility of connecting social networks.
Anil stated that we should move in that direction. Anil also discussed the potential of funding ease with Paypal. Ian was interested in learning more about it.
Stephan suggested that we build an operating structure first before the payment system is in place. Content needs to be well managed.
Aron stated that the US government and other organizations deny access to social networks and are looking into other options.

Stephan responded that Social Text is a different type of platform, it is an IP based platform. Across World is partnering with Social Text.
Anil commented that the way of the future is social networks.
Aron expressed concern that his computer caught a virus from a social network site and commented that he likes to keep up with what his students are doing via Facebook.
Ian commented that security risks on the internet will always be an issue.
Aron suggested that we get a professional to inform us of potential risks when starting any new program such as a social network.


Petty cash: There is a need for periodic reports. Ian stated that there is a regular accountant that can provide periodic reports.
Larry asked about the possibility of CTIS contributions. Anil stated that there is a possibility of a small amount of money and that he will talk to Raj over the next couple of days.

Andrea is in the process of registering for ASCO.There is an application process and we need to make arrangements for a conference room and hotel. It would be best if we could bring or own equipment to save money and possibly borrow a room. We would need hotel and conference room accommodations near International Dr.
When in Turkey, Larry and Ian could talk to Joe Harford about lending OERC a meeting room. The meeting would be a half-day meeting.

The committee discussed that there are no formal partners. Larry mentioned that Kevin Cullen is interested in joining the Steering Committee. Dianne suggested that when new members come, that we ask upfront for their bios.

Next Weeks Meeting:
It was decided by the committee to cancel next weeks meeting because numerous members would be absent.

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