• What material to add to MERLOT?

Members of OERC can add any number of materials to the MERLOT/OERC site. Whatever material is added; websites, lectures, PPT presentations, etc. must be uploaded as a URL.

  • Where to find material?

Materials can be items that you have created or resources from the web that you have found helpful.

Instructions for adding to MERLOT

  1. Log into MERLOT
  2. Once logged in, you will be brought to the homepage. Look to the right hand side of the page, you will see a bar with the word PARTICIPATE with the words "Contribute a Material". In this section there are two boxes which you can (1) Add a title and (2) add the URL.
  3. Add a title of your contribution. It should be the same or similar to the title of the contribution.
  4. Copy the URL of your selection and paste it into the URL box and click NEXT
  5. You will be brought through two pages of options; five steps all together. These options will ask for information about your contribution; for example, what type of format the contribution is (pdf, video etc) and what category it belongs in and a brief description of the material. You will also be asked to add key words which will help others find your material.
  6. Once you have completed the options (some you may leave blank if they are irrelevant to your material) you will then be finished with your submission; press SUBMIT.
  7. You will then be brought to a page that summarizes your submission. This is the end of the submission process.
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