Andrea Okrentowich's Role and Designation

Andrea Okrentowich is a virtual assistant and runs her own company, Creative Nonprofit Solutions. For past two months, I have personally engaged her to work as my executive assistant and coordinator/assistant for all projects I am working on. She is based out of Seymour, Connecticut.

Her phone number is +1-650-644-7912 and her email address is moc.liamg|hciwotnerko.aerdna#moc.liamg|hciwotnerko.aerdna.

Her specialties, according to her, are:

  • Grant Writing
  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Professional Writing
    • Some of her writing is on the web.
  • Public Speaking
  • Editorial Services

I am more than happy to assign part of her time to work on OERC. I think we all agree that in the past few weeks we have seen a lot of support and contribution from her. What I need from the Executive Committee is to:

  • Further detail what is expected from her
  • Assign an OERC designation she can use in external communication
  • Provide for part of her time in future funding to continue her OERC work
  • A possible future scenario could be that once OERC is funded, Andrea's Creative Nonprofit Solutions could be contracted to provide and manage a network of virtual assistants to help in different roles with OERC consortium. However, this has possibility of conflict of interest which we need to explore.

Many things she is doing with me, will be useful and relevant, to OERC for example her work with building a wiki on funding sources, open source software for health, GVAN and coordinating the work of the virtual team which is working with me on several projects.

Anil Srivastava

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