April 20th 2010

Date: 20/04/2010

Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)

Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Ian Magrath, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Gerry Hanley, Julie Estal

Excused: Stephan Thieringer


1. Subscribers/contributors

- Google analytics report: On average, there were 3 visits per day on the OERC Portal over the period covered by the report, but only 2 pages accessed per visit (compared to an average of 7/8 pages viewed per visit on the MERLOT website). Most visitors come to the Portal from Google/other search engines but about 31 % of visitors directly type in the OERC Portal URL. The main problem is that there is currently very little information on the Portal, which does not encourage visitors to stay there long enough. It would therefore be necessary to improve both the quality and quantity of available information on the website, if it is to serve as a launching point to access other materials. One solution could be to further encourage follow-up/engagement with visitors (Gerry).

- The number of visitors could dramatically increase if OERC was better promoted in China/India (Larry).

- It was suggested to write to the directors of major cancer institutions in these countries to ask them to inform their staff members about OERC portal and to encourage them to contribute materials. Anil has a list of relevant institutions in India, which could be used to this end (Ian).

- Efforts are currently being made to try to access presentations stored by the Washington Hospital (Larry).

- It was suggested that organizations such as ASCO, ESMO etc… might be requested to provide links to their materials on the Portal (Ian)

- Last year ASCO said it was developing its own repository but this would be “open acess”, although the new President might agree to contribute some materials (Larry).

- It was felt that having a coordinator in charge of looking for materials and posting them on the Portal would be valuable (Ian).

- Larry is to send Julie a short paragraph challenging readers to provide feedback on recent contributions to the OERC Portal to be included the April issue of the INCTR Newsflash before the end of the week (Larry)

- Feedback on the promotion of the OERC Portal made at INCTR 10th Anniversary Meeting / Annual General Assembly (Ian, Julie): OERC was mentioned by Ian in his presentations. Cedric started posting presentations given at this meeting on the INCTR Portal at http://inctr.ctisinc.com:9000/sites/InCTR/Education/INCTR%2010th%20Anniversary%20Meeting%202010/Forms/AllItems.aspx An information sheet about OERC was also included in participants bags. Additionally, copies of this document were available at an INCTR booth at INCTR’s French branch’s third meeting on cancer control in French-speaking developing countries which took place in Montpellier on April 8-9th 2010. Here is a link to E-Oncologia, an online course in oncology delivered by the Catalan Institute of Oncology. E-Oncologia Director Assumpta Company, who gave a presentation at this meeting, seemed interested in OERC (email: ten.aigolocnoi|ynapmoca#ten.aigolocnoi|ynapmoca). Link: http://www.e-oncologia.org/web/ico/presentacion)

- Feedback on emails sent by each Executive Committee member to his/her contacts to inform them about the website and invite them to post contributions (see "call to action" letter sent by Larry): No feedback from Paul Kleihues. Ian is to send Larry the email address he has for him to try to do some follow-up (Ian).

2. Funding opportunities

- A teaming agreement outline drafted by Stephan was circulated to OERC Executive Committee members after his discussion with Ian (Stephan).

- It was advised that AcrossWorld appear as a sub-contractor to the NGOs involved in this proposal to increase its chances of receiving some financial support from the US government. One would need to look at the priorities set for this year on the web (e.g., via Small Business Grants), knowing that applying for a SBG is a lengthy and competitive process (Dianne).

- Julia Royal from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) offered to host a meeting with OERC Executive Committee members on Monday April 26th at 3pm at the NLM. The support of the NJM would be useful in approaching NCI (Anil).

3. TVRC (All)

- Comments on the first TVRC collaboration session:
- It took time to make it work, for various reasons ; e.g. because of Washington Hospital firewall (Larry).

- It worked eventually. It took time because it was a first try and maybe not everyone tested his/her connection beforehand. The image was clear and the sound could be improved using USB microphones/headsets (Ian).

- Teleconferences need to be prepared just like physical conferences. It worked fine with a 3G network connection from a NLM conference room. It is possible to display slides too. According to Kenneth Fox, there can be up to 40 active participants and indefinite number of people attending a teleconference at a time (Anil).

- It is believed these efforts with TVRC should be pursued because TVRC is a like-minded organization with a reliable technical support system, which is committed to support and assist OERC members. TVRC has a strong alliance with video-conference developers which should allow for further technical improvements. It has already organized major tele-conferences across the worl. It was suggested to start by scheduling another teleconference in the coming months, with a more structured discussion among a small group of people (e.g: OERC Advisory Committee members and a few participants from developing countries), &/or a presentation to be prepared in advance. Contacts from World Bank audio system could help us connect with remote cancer centers. It could also be possible to stream this web conference on a web portal for greater visibility and interaction through a chat system. Anil offered to arrange such a conference call with the assistance of Julie/Rubayi and maybe Katie once a date is chosen (Anil).

- It could be possible to organize a meeting to introduce OERC to heads of cancer organizations from India/China, or to get feedback from existing contributors (Larry).

5. OERC Executive Committee

- Dr. Ben Prickril declined the invitation which was sent to him. Dr. [General] Elder Granger, CMO of CTIS, will be invited to join OERC Executive Committee (Larry)

NEXT MEETING: May 4th 2010

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