April 26th 2011

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1. Subscribers/contributors
- Feedback on the opportunity to find new interns from Georgetown University (Larry)
- Feedback on the discussion between Gerry and Stephan about the changes to be made to the statement about copyright and attribution issues on the OERC website (Gerry and Stephan)
- Feedback received by OERC Ex. Com members when contacting their contacts to promote OERC using the paragraph written by Gerry (all)
- Feedback received to the letter sent to INCTR Faculty members inviting them to contribute materials on the OERC website (Ian and Julie)

2. Funding opportunities
- Feedback on the discussion between Ian and Mark Lodge about potential funding opportunities available from publishing companies (Ian)

3. OERC Executive Committee
- Feedback from Norman Coleman to the renewed invitation to join the OERC Ex. Com sent by Larry (Larry)
- Opportunity of getting Mark Lodge - INCTR Challenge Fund Director - involved in the group (Ian)

4. OERC Advisory Committee
- (Re)creation of an OERC Advisory Committee (all)

5. Suggestions from Dr. Pillai sent on March 31 2011
a) Practising Oncologists in developing countrries have several Oncology websites to get information on management of common cancers.Eg ASCO websites,particulary University.asco.org/slides,N.C.C.N, UPTODATE.com etc and they use it regularly.Pharmaceutical companies are very active in providing educational materials pertaining to their products.These include review articles by thought leaders on all current topics of interest supplied in CDs ,Flashdrives etc.

b) Oncology trainees may be the group most interested in these websites and they also borrow the same materials given by Pharma companies from their senior colleagues.If the material at OERC site does not tally with what they get from their sources, they will prefer the one from their senior colleagues because that is what gets accepted in their fraternity.

c) With ASCO site,NCCN, Uptodate.com and a host of U.S based web resources easily accessible around the world, and the use of internet fast on the rise in developing countries (I find more use of it by my professional colleagues in India than here in U.S.A)sooner or later OERC should stand out as unique in the type of material we upload and update.

d) We can request major cancer centres in India to place their annual reports on OERC and let us make a begiining with Regional Cancer Centre, Kerala,India .Dr Ramdass coming there is an excellent resource as he heads the administration in charge of making those reports.Perhaps you all can request him formally to do so when he comes there to receive the award.I have made my suggestion to him in an e mail sent yesterday.

e) How about giving an impressive plaque with INCTR/OERC emblem to those Institutions in developing countries that meet the minimum requirements for contributions after one year of participation? They can display it at the center which will command respectability and international recognition.

f) OERC may constitute a specialist's advisory panel incorporating leading experts in major Cancers.Whenever, practice changing progress occurs in any field, OERC should formally request one of the experts to give us a brief article on the topic and IACA can identify a corresponding expert from India, Pakisthan, Bangaladesh etc (They are also entitled to become IACA members , and some already have)to comment on it, both published at our website side by side.For example Gastric cancer treatment has changed last year with the detection of HeR2 positivity in 25% of patients, and Trastuzumab is now standard of care for that group of patients.Her 2 positivity may be different in Indian population and even the response to Transtumumab may be different. Such kind of data will not be instantly available in any other website and OERC will have an advantage.

g).Year end progress report (summarising most significant changes that occured in Oncology fields as a PPpresntation) coming out in January every year, written by experts in the field will also be something no other website now provides in a user friendly format.A formal request from OERC will definitely command good response from world's thought leaders.I can contact two of the experts in Multiple Myeloma and one on Melanoma Metastasis management from among my contacts here.

The bottomline is , we need to be constantly innovative to capture and sustain the attention of the young generation of cancer professionals worldwide who are much more computer literate than their predecessors.

Please feel free to send your contributions to this agenda; talk to you soon!

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