Aug 24th 2010


Date: 24/08/2010
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Gerry Hanley, Stephan Thieringer, Anil Srivastava, Julie Estal

- An intern has been hired for about 3 months to help catalogue materials on the OERC website thanks to AccrossWorld financial support.

- Participants in this conference call thanked Gerry and Stephan for all the efforts and financial commitments they made over the last weeks.

- Gerry created a discussion forum in the OERC “Voices” website to compile a list of interesting websites. He stressed that having a single list where people can “drop websites off” in a common area will help reduce redundancy of efforts.
OERC Executive Committee members are invited to cut and paste websites into this discussion forum by:
1. registering/signing up as a member of MERLOT Voices - NOTE - administrative approval of membership is not immediate.
2. Joining the OERC Voices Community Conversation

- Larry told Dianne that he will not be able to submit an article on OERC to be included in INCTR Network Magazine before October 2010.

- Anil asked Gerry to contact Larry in order to discuss his paper on content validation to be submitted to the OERC Advisory Board for its review.

- Anil is in contact with someone based in California who has developed effective teleconferencing facilities which could be used in the context of OERC. Anil will introduce him to Stephan. Stephan will then report back to OERC Executive Committee members about this opportunity.

2. OERC Advisory Committee
- Anil said that he will be happy to organize a teleconference call with OERC Advisory Committee members provided that he receives an agenda for this meeting as well as a participants list.

3. Funding opportunities
- Anil met with Roger Glass who showed a great interest in OER in health. Anil requested Stephan and Gerry to approach him and submit a grant request to Fogarty.

NEXT MEETING: September 7th 2010

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