Bio of Kusuma Cunningham

Kusuma Cunningham, Ph.D., Advisor, International Policy & Programs

Dr. Cunningham is an international policy and programs advisor to CTIS. Her background is in policy research, monitoring and evaluations. She has worked at several leading consulting firms in the Washington, D.C. area, where responsibilities have included evaluation research, survey administration, program management as well as data collection through focus groups, interviews and surveys. Projects have included several large scale US Department of Labor and Department of Education program evaluations. She has experience working in academia as well as the private sector. She has served as a consultant to several non-profit groups here in the United States as well as in South Asia.

Dr. Cunningham earned her doctorate in Sociology from Purdue University and is originally from Bangalore, India.

She currently serves as Director of International Programs for IBharti Foundation and is also helping out as program manager for the OERC project.

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