Combined Federal Campaign

CFC Application - Combined Federal Campaign 2010 application

$275.9 Million in Pledges in 2008
Application deadline 2010 - January 15, 2010 Close of business (5PM EST) Applications Received After the Deadline Will Not Be Considered


  • Certification of Statement 1 - National Presence – Services/benefits in 15 or more different states (2007-2009). International Presence – Services/benefits in 1 or more foreign countries (2007-2009)
    • Nature and extent of the service, benefit, assistance, or program activity
    • Frequency, continuity, and duration
    • Impact on, or benefit to, beneficiaries
    • Number of beneficiaries
  • Certification of Statement 2 - Include a copy of the most recent IRS determination letter as ATTACHMENT B.
          • Must be 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization
          • Units of government are not eligible
          • OPM will verify applicant’s current 501(c)(3) status with the IRS
          • If name on IRS letter, IRS Form 990, or audit is different from applicant, official documentation from IRS or state government must be included
  • Certification of Statement 3
  • Certification of Statement 4
  • Certification of Statement 5 - Copy of the most recently filed IRS form 990
  • Certification of Statement 6 - I certify the administrative and fundraising rate for the organization named in this application is __ __ .__%
  • Certification of Statement 7 - Board of Directors
  • Certification of Statement 8
  • Certification of Statement 9
  • Certification of Statement 10
  • Certification of Statement 11 Sanction Compliance

Denial: All reasons will be listed in the letter from CFC. Written appeal to OPM must be received within 10 business days of receipt of the letter of denial

Contributions: Contributions are administered by a local non-profit fiscal agent known as the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO). The PCFO may disburse funds either monthly or quarterly beginning by April of the year immediately following the campaign period. However, the PCFO may send one-time checks to charitable organizations that received very small amounts in contributions.

Campaign Cycle/Period: A time reference for CFC campaigns that consists of a two-year reporting period which marks the beginning of a campaign and the end of a campaign. Depending on when the PCFO is selected by the LFCC, most campaigns will begin operation on or around March 15 of the first year of the campaign and end around March 14 two years later, depending on the final disbursement for the campaign. For example, March 15, 2004 begins the fall 2004 campaign and March 14, 2006 marks the end of the fall 2004 campaign. More generally, the annual campaign runs for a six-week period between September 1st and December 15th. Actual dates are determined by the LFCC and PCFO and may vary from one campaign to another. Pledges are made from September 2010 to December 15, 2010.

(1) The PCFO shall notify the federations, national and international organizations, and local organizations as soon as practicable after the completion of the campaign, but in no case later than a date to be determined by OPM, of the amounts, if any, designated to them and their member agencies and of the amounts of the undesignated funds, if any, allocated to them. The date will be part of the annual timetable issued by the Director under §950.801(b).

(2) The PCFO is responsible for the accuracy of disbursements it transmits to recipients. It shall transmit disbursements at least quarterly, minus the approved proportionate share for administrative cost reimbursement and the PCFO fee set forth in §950.106. It shall remit the contributions to each organization or to the federation, if any, of which the organization is a member. The PCFO will distribute all CFC receipts beginning April 1, and quarterly thereafter. At the close of each disbursement period, the PCFO's CFC account shall have a balance of zero.

(3) The PCFO may make one-time disbursements to organizations receiving minimal donations from Federal employees. The LFCC must determine and authorize the amount of these one-time disbursements. The PCFO may deduct the proportionate amount of each organization's share of the campaign's administrative costs and the average of the previous 3 years pledge loss from the one-time disbursement. This is the only approved application of adjusting for pledge loss.

Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) - The Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) is comprised of Federal employees and representatives of labor unions with Federal employees as members that are officially designated by the Director to conduct the CFC in a particular community. The LFCC selects the principal combined Fund Organization (PCFO that serves as fiscal agency for the campaign. The LFCC provides oversight for the local campaign in conformance with the CFC regulations and the policies established by OPM. The LFCC also approves local (and in some instances, statewide) charities in their campaign area that have met CFC eligibility standards as set forth in the CFC regulations. Federal employees interested in volunteering with the CFC should contact their local LFCC found at the Campaign Locator or ask your duty-station Agency CFC Coordinator for more information.

Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) - the PCFO administers the local campaign and acts as fiscal agent under the direction and control of the LFCC and the Director. OPM sets strict requirements for this role. Annual audits are required of the PCFO by an independent CPA.


CFC Regulations (

CFC Memo 2008-8: Guidance on National/international Applications (

CFC Memo 2007-11: Signatures on E-IRS Forms 990 (

CFC Memo 2006-22: Guidance on 2007 CFC National/International Applications Resulting from Changes to the CFC Regulations (

Please contact at vog.mpo|cfc#vog.mpo|cfc or (202) 606-2564 if you have any questions about the eligibility requirements or the application process. Above all, be sure to submit your 2010 CFC National/International Organization Application no later than 5PM (EST) on Friday, January 15, 2010.

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