Conference notes 11-10-08

MERLOT & OERC Phone Conference Notes

Work on Merlot architecture – as of now it is not completed.

Enlarging the Table of Contents with specific cancers – will be added.

Gerry – Under malignancies – Should he change it to specific cancers – reducing key terms to minimize the amount of text – would like consistency.

Larry- would like the word cancer to remain

Gerry explains the search key word process. Such as with Google, MERLOT simplifies the search process – according to relevance and what is important qualifies the search word and is then brought up to the search.

Larry would like the site simplified – such as removing the blog

Diane - agrees and would like the site to be as user friendly as possible- simplified for contributors as well. If there are to many steps the users will get discouraged.

Gerry focused on finding and contributing – these should be themes of the homepage. The homepage should be very specific and user friendly. Contributing should have a separate high priority section. What about join the community tab? About us page could be embedded to web 2.0 – do you want it to be apart? Add links further down the page as they are not high priority.

Physicians vs. healthcare providers vs. patients

Will there be a need for different and separate options?

Ian – Nurses vary between needs and knowledge between developing and the Western world.

Anil – Can’t separate and distinguish professional categories. Open system can not control the content.

Ian - Based on what some people do – minimal standards. There are professionals that don’t have the equipment, knowledge etc.

Anil – Is this the right place for distinguishing character or judgment of contributors. User education will determine what is useful to them. Can’t determine or qualify each persona and make info available only to certain people.

Ian – point out priorities.

Larry – Language on the homepage that there will be levels of information and users need to use their experience and situation to choose appropriate material.

Anil – Cumbersome = no material

Diane – OER – it’s open and people will discriminate

Larry – MERLOT – users qualify material

Gerry – Finding and assessing relevant material. Teaching Commons – brings together information and how it is related.

Ian – Irrelevant or inappropriate info will cause waste.

Anil - Collection of material – allow users to post it. Make user to be specific…don’t use this material unless you have …xyz.

Ian – need to cover different levels – language issues.

Diane – We need a starting point.

Larry – Is it possible to list all 64 categories to OERC site? – Jump start site. Would like Ian’s lectures posted on the OERC site.

Anil – We need to add content – Review – Categorize

Gerry – Discussed how MERLOT cancer collection can start collecting materials. Group them – tech staff can take care of batch submissions. Anil – requested that Gerry put this information in writing.

Diane – Prevention? Public health education?

Anil – Bring these thoughts (such as Denise’s) and post on OERC project wiki.

Larry – Have we completed OERC – MERLOT website? Gerry will produce website for review and suggestions.
We need more organization.

Andrea needs to send emails to everyone to capture email address and emails notes to everyone.

Diane – requested a list for contributors

Gerry – do we have target for funding for OERC?

Anil – In summer or fall.

Diane – What work can we do with AIDS on the site? Do you have any samples of invitations that can be used as a model for a letter of invitation.

Diane – requested a list of current and in - process contributors

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