Dec, 22nd 2009

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

Participants: Dianne Kaseman, , Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Ian Magrath, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Parvathi Chandrasekar, Julie Estal


1. Newsflash (Don, Larry)
• Don Strand will update the News box on homepage with the link to the latest issue of the INCTR newsflash each month
• Larry will send Julie a list of newly contributed materials of good quality on the OERC Portal (URLs and Title of each document) to be included in the INCTR Newsflash on monthly basis

2. Subscribers/contributors (Larry, Gerry, all)
• Larry started receiving feed-back to the letters he sent to ask relevant contacts to become OERC contributors. We will need to continue contacting more persons to increase the size of the OERC community
• Tell Ian if some materials contributed by INCTR are of unsufficient quality and if they should be removed (all)
• Need to address the possibility of organizing webinars on peer review with Gerry’s help at the next Advisory Committee on-line meeting (Larry, Gerry)

3. Funding opportunities (Anil)
• Combined Federal Campaign : See Good hope that the INCTR will become part of the list of non-profit organizations benefiting from the CFC once the INCTR US Branch is functional again (Deadline for submitting applications: January 20th 2010)
• OWC Anil met with the OWC Director last week. INCTR applied to join this consortium. Anil hopes to have Merlot and OWC working together. Hewlett is interesting in organizing an OER in Health meeting too.

4. TVRC - TeleHealth Video Resource Center (Anil, Cedric) see
• Anil will meet with his relevant contacts for TVCR at the end of January, 2010 and report back to us. He would also like to partner with “Internet 2”
• Need to organize a video conference by ourselves first to show we can do something tangible (possibility of broadcasting one of the talks of the academic session of INCTR 10th Anniversary Governing Council meeting scheduled in March, 2010).
• Anil and Julie talked about this (12/22/09). For the March conference Cedric needs to get Belgacom and/or the IT company INCTR currently uses to provide videoconference equipment at March conference venue with a connection to Internet backbone (2 MegaBits). TVRC will connect into that and do the rest.
• Ian will need to decide which part of the conference we would like to video-cast
• In case this couldn’t work/would be too expensive, Cedric thought about recording discussions and put them on the web afterwards. We could use Skype cameras, dim-dim, go-to-my-meetings or other cheap solutions.

5. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry)
• Need to invite more members from developing countries
• OERC Advisory Committee (Larry) [see updated list]
Accepted: Kevin Cullen, Esther Chang
Declined: Karen Antman
No reply as yet: Tom Fahey, Bickram Paul, Martin Malawer;
Not yet sent: Paul Kleihues, Jon Maybaum, Modhaven Pillai
• Ian will try to find the contact details of Paul Kleihues and send them to Larry
• Need to start organize a web-based Advisory Committee meeting in January, to decide about its length, contents, etc…

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