December 9th 2010


Date: 9/12/2010
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Madhavan Pillai, Larry Lessin, Ian Magrath, Julie Estal


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- Dr. Madhavan Pillai informed conference call participants that a state level cancer committee in the process of being created in India. There are plans to post annuals reports of this committee on the OERC Portal as it could useful to other users willing to create similar communities of practice.

- Dr Pillai also mentioned the idea of organizing global teleconferences on the patterns of specific cancers in different regions of the world.

- Ian informed participants that the European School of Oncology and INCTR are planning to organize web seminars called “e-grandrounds”. ESO e-grandrounds is an e-learning programme that can be accessed via . Weekly sessions are held live every Thursday (connection at 17:30 for live session 18:15-19:00 Central European Time). A typical seminar starts by a lecture of about 25-30 minutes held by the speaker, together with a 15-20 minutes questions-and-answers slot organized by the discussant. These live sessions allow interaction among the participants, the discussant and the expert. The program is CME and ESMO-MORA accredited and participants obtain their CME certificates of attendance. The sessions remain available as recorded sessions for six months. Sessions are held in collaboration with Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology and without commercial sponsorship. It was agreed with ESO that INCTR will organize e-grandrounds on four topics: cancer in developing countries, the challenges relates to the palliative care in developing countries, improving or building pathology services in developing countries and improving the quality of care for children and adolescents with cancer in developing countries. There will be two seminars in September 2011 and two other in 2012 as the agenda is fully booked up to next fall. Ian thought that some OERC Executive Committee members may be interested in delivering similar lectures in the future. Our contact for organizing e-grandrounds is Mrs. Chatrina Melcher (Tel +41 91 811 8050 / email: ten.ose|rehclemc#ten.ose|rehclemc ) She is based in Switzerland.

- Larry will ask again Dr. Aziza Shad if she could find Georgetown University students willing to help explore websites and identify materials which could be contributed to the OERC repository.

- Larry joined the latest Indo-American Cancer Association (IACA) monthly conference to discuss IACA’s partnership with OERC. He reported that participants to this meeting were enthusiastic about this opportunity. A plan of action will be developed early next year in this perspective.


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