Dianne Kaseman

Bio of Dianne Kaseman
Dianne F. Kaseman, R.N., Ph.D., President, DFK Consulting

Dr. Kaseman has more than 30 years experience in gerontology, health systems management and education, and has been successful as a researcher, grant writer and healthcare management consultant. She received her BSN at the University of Florida, master and Ph.D at Florida State University.
As Vice President for the healthcare communications company Adherence Technologies, Dr. Kaseman served as Vice President and helped develop the company. She was responsible for establishing ATC's disease management programs, core clinical research and development efforts and all education programs. She led the development of technology that is being used in health care communication systems and she is named as co-inventer for two patents. The corporation has been sold to a Pittsburgh company.
As an educator, Dr. Kaseman was a faculty member at Florida State University, Howard University, Georgetown University and George Mason University. While in these positions she developed a graduate program, added new majors, served as a graduate dean, taught across the curriculum including doctoral education. While assisting in the development of a Health Policy Center at George Mason University she lead National Health Policy conferences and internships and other grant sponsored projects. Her doctoral graduates are leaders in organizations such as HRSA, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation etc. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International.
As a consultant, Dr. Kaseman has consulted with Universities such as New York Medical College, Georgetown University, MaryMount University, University of Mass., and numerous others. Other representative consultations include the Food and Drug Administration, The Cleveland Clinic, Veterans Administration and the NIH clinical center. Her consultation subjects include grantsmanship, strategic management, research and curriculum development.
Through successful grantsmanship she has initiated new programs for the underserved, supported NIA and NIDDK research and numerous other sources of funding for program development. She has spoken both nationally and internationally and has numerous publications. Currently she is working with INTCR and I-Bharti Health Foundation to establish a global consortium for cancer open resouce education.

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