Discussion of OERC Weekly Meeting

Summary of Topics Discussed for OERC Weekly Meeting (October 6th, 2008)

1. We discussed OER Health – Please see details at the end of this page
2. Dr. Lessin suggested a face to face meeting late October of the Steering Group members (PLEASE SUGGEST POSSIBLE DATES)
3. A few of us will be meeting with Ian Macgrath who was attending a conference in Bethesda, MD – to follow up – Ian was wondering if he could attend this late October face to face meeting via Video.
4. Video conference in Mid November is possible with a larger group – international participants
5. We need to set up a timeline for final submission of the proposal – so that we can start approaching funding agencies
6. Need to finalize logo – Dr. Lessin thinks perhaps it would look better without the blue rim around it…any thoughts? Please provide input
7. Letter head should be created –so that members can start writing to partners and one or two – Dr. Lessin and Ian can take the lead and send these off signed…get an electronic signature perhaps? Will be done by end of next week.
8. OERC Policy guidelines ….edited and has been sent out and put on the wiki.
9. Need to formalize our commitments with Universities/Partners
10. INCTR USA will take on a more prominent role with OERC

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