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  • 2010: WHO estimates cancer to become leading global cause of death
  • 2030: The International Agency for Research on Cancer—- “The global burden of cancer could be as high as 17 million new cases per annum”
  • >50% of cancer cases and 70% of cancer deaths – in developing countries

Challenge Faced by Resource Poor Nations

  • Deficiencies in human capital & material resources
  • Lack of scope for capacity development at both quantitative and qualitative levels.
  • Human capital most critical
  • Expansion and education of cancer workforce a high priority in national and international cancer control planning.

OERC Beginnings

  • Global need for education of cancer care providers
  • Extensive cancer educational material generated by universities, organizations, cancer institutes, et al.
  • Learning modules of varying formats to be solicited, reviewed, classified and made accessible in an open resource environment
  • Free of cost to all those who are involved in cancer education, control and treatment around the world.

Subsequent Meetings

Concept further developed in meetings with

  • Mike Smith - William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Raj Shah - Capital Technology Information Services, Inc.
  • Larry Lessin - Washington Cancer Institute
  • Ian Magrath -International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research
  • Thomas Mampilly & Aron Primack Fogarty International Center
  • Brian FoleyNorthern Virginia Community College Medical Education Campus

First Conference in Chicago – May 2008

  • A day long planning meeting was held in Chicago on 29th May 2008 ancillary to the 44th American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting attended by the following persons:
    • Gracemarie Bricalli, European Society for Medical Oncology
    • Norman Coleman, Cancer Expert Corps (CEC), NCI
    • Leslie Derr, caBIG: Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid, NCI
    • Joe Harford, Office of International Affairs of the NCI
    • Svetlana Jezdic European Society for Medical Oncology
    • Larry Lessin, Washington Cancer Institute
    • Ian Magrath, International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research
    • Anil Srivastava, i-Bharti Health Foundation
    • Stephan Stephan, Giunti Labs
    • Vic Vuchic, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


  • Open access to high quality cancer learning modules and research information
  • To enhance educational capacity for medical educators, physicians, nurses and others
  • OERC dedicated to global education and expansion of the cancer workforce at all levels


  • To enhance knowledge sharing among countries on cancer control strategies
  • To expand capacity of physicians, nurses and care givers in developing countries to treat cancer patients
  • To make available cutting edge research information on cancer care in an easily accessible format at no cost on a worldwide scale
  • To make available latest clinical trials information to cancer care providers and patients
  • To act on the current WHO recommendation for knowledge sharing on cancer
  • To contribute to the development of a research infrastructure and a research ethos for cancer prevention and care at a global level


  • Solicit, collect, review, and classify educational materials from leading cancer institutions and organizations
  • Establish cancer taxonomy outline
  • Learning modules in multiple formats: PP lectures, syllabi, etc.
  • Metadata collection repository hosted by MERLOT

Pilot Launching of OERC

  • Goal is to launch it at the INCTR Meeting in Turkey (March of 2009)
  • Approximately 300 people from some 40 countries are expected to attend this meeting
  • The concept of Open Educational Resources will be presented as a keynote lecture (speaker to be identified)
  • Feedback gained in subsequent meetings will be helpful to improve OERC further


  • Georgetown University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Washington Cancer Institute
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Boston University
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • European Society of Medical Oncology
  • University of Maryland Cancer Center
  • Fogarty Center, National Institutes of Health

OERC partners In Developing Countries

  • King Hussein Cancer Center - Jordan
  • Ocean Road Cancer Institute - Tanzania
  • University of Lagos College of Medicine - Nigeria
  • Egyptian National Cancer Institute - Egypt
  • Kidwai Memorial Cancer Institute - Bangalore, India
  • Sanjay Gandhi - Institute for Medical Sciences - Lucknow, India
  • Allama Iqbal Medical College - Jinnah Hospital - Lahore, India
  • Federal University of Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • Ho Chi Minh City Cancer Center – Vietnam
  • Ceylinco Cancer Centre – Sri Lanka
  • Rajiv Ghandi Cancer Center - India

Presentation by Dr. Larry Lessin(Original ppt file)

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