February 23rd 2010

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Stephan Thieringer, Ian Magrath, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Julie Estal


1. Subscribers/contributors (All)

- Gerry was requested to send updated statistics on the number of visitors/contributors on the OERC website

- Tom Anderson, who heads the oncology department in Buffalo, was interested to work in INCTR, after his retirement next year.

- Posible linkage withe NCI University. It would be desirable to get more information about this project, possibly through Anil

- INCTR was recently approached by a number of universities interested in assisting in training and education, as well, in some cases, as the conduct of research in developing countries. This could be done using OERC too.

- A proper coordination facility for OERC would then be required to ensure volunteers can easily contribute materials on the OERC portal. In this perspective, it was suggested to draft a proposal - including a tentative budget - in order to decide whether we want to go forward now and put a task team together to encourage more people to particpate in the INCTR faculty and to contribute to OERC.

- This could be discussed in the context of INCTR US.

- A professional business plan writer - with signicant experience in the field of cancer control in Canada - is in the process of writing a strategic plan for INCTR Canada. Once this document is finished, it could be used to build an organizational plan for INCTR US and OERC too.

- INCTR will need to ask its contacts from the university of Lund if the web-based course on radiotherapy is available and if it could be put on the OERC Portal.

2. Meeting of the OERC Advisory committee via Internet 2 or other web-based application (Larry)

- Julie tried Dim Dim Free and Pro versions several times with colleagues from the UK. She experienced various technical problems (echo, participants not being able to hear the meeting host, participants’s voices being cut off from time to time…) She hopes she will hear from Dim dim technical support team soon.

- Julie sent a comparison of some major web conferencing tools to participants to OERC conference calls

- There was a general agreement about the need to decide which systems would be most appropirate for OERC purposes based on our current/future needs and after some free trials, in order to ensure that the system which will be chosen will be easy to use by OERC Advisory Committee members. We could test selectedf web confering tools either ona an individual basis or by organizing an OERC Executive Committee web conference. Anil and Stephan will work out the technological details.

Next meeting : March 16th 2010, , if possible, in the form of a test webinar using Dimdim.

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