Follow Up Items Oct 20, 2008

Following up on our Conference Call discussion this morning – here are the follow up items:

1) We have officially decided to call ourselves the OERC Executive Committee (Anil, Dianne, Ian, Larry, Kusuma and Aziza)

2) Dianne will be taking the lead in developing communications and maintaining communications with our partners. She will be supported in this effort by Evan and Tim at CTIS as well as all of us in the Exec. Committee.

3) Details of address and email will be sent to Dianne within a week by Anil to be put on the letterhead.

4) Kusuma in coordination with other members of the team will be sending out a requirements note to Gerry to get started on the evaluation piece of the proposal (Kusuma will do this Wednesday)

5) Kusuma has to provide a TOC for the wiki so it can be easily organized into a hierarchical system of easily accessible folders and files (will do this by Wednesday)

6) Kusuma has yet to provide Gerry with into write up for IBF and INCTR – (waiting for finalizing it at this end with Raj and Karishma re the IBF logo and write up) to be put on the OERC MERLOT site.

7) Kusuma has to put up all the excel spreadsheet wikis (will do this with Anuja before the end of the week)

8) Anil has to send out our meeting place address and have video coverage for Ian to be linked

9) It is agreed we should all use more of wiki forums and blogs to communicate with each other and between each other (hoping we can do this gradually – within the month hopefully it will become a habit and we will not be in touch over email but through the wiki.

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