Funding 12-08-2009

Note for Discussion by Anil Srivastava

Global Giving: The material from Global Giving has been forwarded to Brussels about Global Giving partnership for arising funds on INCTR projects in developing countries. In the meanwhile and independently, OERC executive may want to consider featuring OERC on Global Giving for funding (a) here in the United States and (b) OERC partners in other developing countries.

National Library of Medicine: Anil needs to set up a meeting with Julia Royall. It was evident at yesterday's IUSSTF seminar at NIH that training, education and capacity building in developing countries is very much on the NIH agenda. OERC needs to figure out how to position OERC for funding to NIH programs.

US Department of Education: Anil has been working closely with GKI (Global knowledge initiative) on OER and funding for international cooperation. With the announcement of Rajive Shah as the nominee for USAID Administrator we need to look at establishing contacts with USAID for OER and OERC.

OER in Health: Anil has discussed with the newly appointed director of MIT OpenCourseWare—Mary Lou Forward, Sara Farley of Global Knowledge Initiative and Michael Clegg (Foreign Secretary of National Academy of Sciences) about reviving OER for Health and positioning it for funding from NIH. Mike Smith is also going to speak to Dr. Fineberg of IOM about this. INCTR-OERC taking the leadership with MIT OpenCourseWare and CSU-MERLOT may bring together funding sources willing to support OER in Health, therefore, OERC.

Hewlett Foundation: I have a conference call with Vic Vuchic at his request. Mary Lou Forward would be meeting him this week. Let's see what Vic has to say.

World Bank: So far no concrete response, many conversations.

Combined Federal Campaign: Parvathi attended the CFC workshop. Anil spoke with Ian this morning. There is some issue around using INCTR US Branch 501(c)3 for this application. The alternative is to apply for a separate 501(c)3 for INCTR international but that may not be available in time for closing date January 15th, 2010 for CFC application.

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