Notes from Gerry Hanley

Teaching Commons for OER-Cancer
Part 2 GLH 12/1/08

Overall layout

1.Names on Tabs
ii.Contributing to OERC
iii.Participating in the OERC Community
iv.For Healthcare Professionals
v.For Patients
vi.Finding More OER
vii.About Us
DELETE What is OERC? Using OER, Authoring OER, Open Source Tools (archive content just in case)

2.Home Page:

HEADING: OER-Cancer Resources

[Make each line below a link into the MERLOT collection targeted to that content. Please put these in 2 columns]

Column 1
Biology of Cancer
Genesis of cancer
Cancer diagnosis
Cancer control
Clinical trials
Cancer therapy
Palliative care
Hematologic problems
Metabolic and paraneoplastic syndromes
Complications of cancer and metastases
Secondary malignant neoplasms
Cancer and pregnancy
Cancer in the elderly

Column 2
Specific Cancers
Brain and central nervous system cancer
Eye and orbit cancer
Head and neck cancer
Basal and squamous cell skin cancer
Other non-melanoma skin cancer
Endocrine system cancer
Lung cancer
Tumors of the pleural and mediastinum
Esophageal cancer
Gastric cancer
Small bowel cancer
Colon cancer
Rectal cancer
Anal cancer
Liver and bile duct cancer
Pancreas cancer
Kidney cancer
Bladder cancer
Prostate cancer
Penis and urethra cancer
Testicular  cancer
Cervix, vagina and vulva cancer
Uterine  cancer
Ovaries and fallopian tubes cancer
Gestational trophoblastic cancer
Breast cancer
Sarcoma of bone
Soft tissue sarcomas
Carcinoma of unknown primary
HIV-associated malignancies
Solid tumors in children
Childhood leukemia
Childhood lymphoma
Acute lymphoid leukemia
Acute myeloid leukemia
Myelodysplastic syndromes
Myeloproliferative disorders
Chronic myeloid leukemia
Chronic lymphoid leukemias
Hairy cell leukemia
Multiple myeloma and monoclonal gammopathy
Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
Hodgkin lymphoma
Non-Hodgkin lymphomas
Cutaneous T and B cell lymphomas
Adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma

Right Column /Area: Edit “Boxes” for following content:

Box 1: TITLE: What’s New In the OERC Collection?
CONTENT: create an RSS feed of new material in the overall MERLOT Cancer collection

BOX 2: (Same as previous box 4)
TITLE: Partner News:
CONTENT: iBharti Foundation, International network of Cancer teachers and researchers (INCTR), and MERLOT have partnered to create the OERC portal.

CONTENT of Pages for TABS:

“Contributing to OERC” TAB:

There will be a left hand navigation list and a right side content area with different sections

Left hand navigation list
Overview (Same page)
Become a Contributor (Same Page)
Cataloging Resources (New Page)
Writing Comments (New Page)
Teaching with Resources (New Page)
Creating Personal Collections (New Page)

Each of these terms will be a link to the content

TITLE: Help Build the OERC’s Open Collection of Online Resources
TEXT: The purpose of this website is to provide healthcare professionals, patients, and everyone else a high quality and easy to use collection of online resources to learn about and use strategies for dealing with cancer.

Your contributions to this collection are essential for making the collection useful.

There are many ways that you can contribute:
1.Catalog online resources that you have found to be very useful so others can easily find them as well. LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE (goes to new page explaining what to do)
2.Write your comments and evaluations on how and why specific online resources have been useful to you. Whether a healthcare professional or a patient, your analysis of why a resource has been helpful provided a useful context for other’s evaluation. LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE (goes to new page explaining what to do)
3.Explain how you’ve used the online resource in teaching. LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE (goes to new page explaining what to do)
4.Create a “personal collection” of resources that you have found most useful for a specific purpose and provide an explanation why you created it. Others can review you list of resources, enabling you to share expertise and reflections on a group of resources. LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE (goes to new page explaining what to do)

TEXT: To become a contributor to the OERC Collection and Community, you begin with registering as a member of the MERLOT community. MERLOT is an open and free international community of researchers, faculty, teachers, administrators, librarians, students, and government, industry, and academic staff. The OERC Community is creating custom services using MERLOT’s tools and 10+ years of experience supporting open international communities for online education.

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Complete the simple form to register as a member of MERLOT (It’s FREE and you can edit it whenever you want – including deleting your membership). It should take 3-5 minutes.

Now that you are a MERLOT member, you have your own personal website. Click on “My Profile” tab at and you can view your personal website.

STEP 3: You can edit your profile in MERLOT and added a variety of information about your interest areas, professional background, etc. Click on “My Profile” tab at and Click on “EDIT” for each section that you’d like to add or revise information about you.

STEP 4: You are now ready to become a contributing member of the OERC Community

TITLE: “Cataloging Resources”
[Explain why it is important for the community to catalog resources in MERLOT; provide a step by step process for how to catalog materials in MERLOT]
TITLE: “Writing Comments”
[Explain why it is important for the community to write comments about why the resources is useful and important; provide a step by step process for how to write comments about materials in MERLOT]
TITLE: “Creating Personal Collections”
[Explain why it is important for the community to create personal collections; provide a step by step process for how to create personal collections in MERLOT]
“Participating in the OERC Community” TAB
SECTION 1 (This is content from Box 1 from the original home page)

TITLE: Join the OERC Community Discussion
TEXT: Participate in our online community discussions on cancer ….
It’s free and easy in our Web 2.0 environment (Link to ).The OERC Community Conversations uses MERLOT Voices to provide you free and open access to online community communication tools to start and sustain forums for your fellow OERC colleagues to share successes, ask questions, pose problems, and for the OERC community members to respond to your needs in a timely and simple manner.

SECTION 2 (This is content from Box 3 from the original home page)

TITLE: Register as a member of the OERC Community in
CONTENT: After you’ve become a member of MERLOT, click on “My Profile” on the maroon navigation bar on the MERLOT home page. Scroll down until you see “Associations”. Click edit and Add “OERC – Open Educational Resources-Cancer” to the “Associations” field. Fill out the rest of the information as needed.

Box 1: TITLE: Dr. Larry Lessin’s Lessons: What’s new?
This will be a place for an RSS feed of Dr. Larry Lessin’s blog that would be managed in MERLOT Voices.

Below the RSS feed, add the content: Click here to view Dr Larry Lessin’s full blog.

For Healthcare Professionals TAB
[Content TBD]

For Patients TAB
[Content TBD]

“Finding MORE OER” TAB
Same as current “FINDING OER TAB”

“About Us” TAB

TITLE: About iBharti Foundation



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