Gerry Hanley Call on 10-Dec-08

Gerry Hanley and Anil Srivastava spoke on 10 December 2008. The summary of the discussion is given below:

1. Anil will provide Gerry the URL for the domain. He will then get the URL pointing to OERC pages on MERLOT.

2. Gerry had taken down his notes of the discussion on the 2-Dec-08 conference call on the change document he had provided. We decided that instead of preparing another change document, it would be best for him to implement the changes as per Gerry's understanding. This will enable all of us to see the changes as implemented and more contribute to further improvement.

3. Gerry plans to regularly participate in the weekly Executive Committee conference calls every Tuesday at 11 am from January.

4. Anil will provide the URL ( in a separate email for INCTR website where Ian has put material to be be uploaded. Gerry will do periodical batch uploads to OERC@MERLOT of the material. Anil will alert MERLOT that it is a SharePoint portal so batch upload may not be possible or need extra work.

5. Anil, with Andrea's help coordinate a presentation by MERLOT, to train a second line of people in OERC community to put material on OERC@MERLOT. This group should include:

  • Anuja Pathak
  • Andrea Okrentowich
  • Rita Lewis (if she is willing to help with finding and inputting material on volunteer basis.)
  • One or two people from INCTR (Ian to designate)

6. (Dianne reminded Anil about) The need to get a simple instruction sheet on how to log onto Merlot, become member of Merlot, then sign on to put material in OERC@MERLOT. Andrea and Anuja to work with Gerry to draw up such a process sheet.

7. Gerry and Stephan Thieringer know each other but Anil will introduce Stephan in his new role as chief technology officer for OERC.

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