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From: Hanley, Gerry []
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 3:58 AM
To: Anil Srivastava; Lawrence S. Lessin; Ian Magrath; Dianne F. Kaseman;
Stephan K. Thieringer; Aron Primack; Aziza Shad
Cc: Andrea Okrentowich
Subject: OERC website changes
Hello from Nepal. Sorry I can't be on the call in about 12 hrs but I
thought it would be helpful to give you an update on the OERC website.
1. All the requested changes should be made to the content of OERC website
by this Wednesday. I've attached the list of changes FYI.
2. In reviewing Larry's PPT, there were 2 lists of partnering institutions.
Shall I put them both in the "About Us" section of the website?
3. I'm working on migrating the URL from to I'm doing my
best to have this done by 3/20. One problem has been some technology
infrastructure upgrading that has taken much longer than anticipated,
causing delays all around.
4. I changed the logo in the MERLOT Voices to be the current one and
cleaned up the language a bit.
5. Larry - I revised/improved the MERLOT description of the Patient
Education Institute material on breast cancer. I recommend you take a new
screen shot of this page for your PPT.
6. Dianne - I have developed a draft taxonomy to deal with all the nursing
needs you sent me. I think it best to wait for me to be back in the US and
then you and I can get on a phone call to review the draft.
7. I have "Health Care Professionals" as a new member type to be added to
MERLOT in our next revision. As noted above, the delays in the
infrastructure upgrading has delayed this implementation and unfortunately I
won't have it by 3/20.
As soon as all the edits to the website are complete. I'll let you all
know. All recommendations, edits, etc are welcome.

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