Global Giving

Global Giving (GG)
Please find below information on Global Giving. I have gathered this information from the Global Giving website and our meeting with the folks at Global Giving

How Global Giving works - You can refer to the site How GG works?
GG ensures that at least 85% of our donation is on-the-ground within 60 days and has an immediate impact. Donors have the option to cover GlobalGiving's 15% fee, in which case, 100% of the donation goes directly to the project.

Organizations can participate in an Open Challenge or a separate challenge hosted by GG. what is challenge
GG can invite all the project organizations that we work with to a Challenge so they can try fundraising for a period of 4 weeks on Before the organizations can start raising funds on the site, they will have to send in complete paperwork to GG for review and approval. The previous challenge results along with the bounty award winners can be seen at Previous challenge

The recommended organizations will then be invited to complete the due diligence process. The paperwork for international organizations is downloadable here: Due diligence International and for US registered organizations, it is downloadable here: Due diligence US

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