Google can be an opportunity and source of funding for OERC in many different ways. Not only for OERC but also for INCTR and other organizations in the consortium.

" is looking to better understand the inextricable linkages among climate change, global public health and economic development, and the impact of global warming on the poor. We want to fund projects that are making a difference and that are effective on a large scale.

Google's reach spans the globe, yet our hope is that by aggressively applying our resources to address the world's most significant social problems, will one day surpass the parent company's worldwide influence. We have a deep passion to find innovative solutions and entrepreneurial approaches to such issues as global poverty, climate change and global public health. encompasses the Google Foundation, the leveraging of Google resources to address specific company projects, and the development and solicitation of partnerships and contributions to for-profit and non-profit entities."


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AdWords Help: It maybe worthwhile approaching Google at some point to get Google In-kind advertising for non-profit organizations to spread the word. More information on the grant program.

Additional information on Google grant

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