INCTR is a non-profit international organization whose founder members are the International Union against Cancer and the Institut Pasteur, Brussels. The mission of the organization is to assist in controlling cancer in developing countries through the development of infrastructure for cancer treatment and research. A key to improving capacity is education, which, in addition to specific educational programs, is an integral element of long-term collaborative projects relating to prevention, early detection, treatment and palliation. The close integration of operational research with patient care results in immediate benefits to patients or individuals at high risk for developing cancer while at the same time providing opportunities for "hands-on" training of health professionals and creating a data base relevant to countries with limited resources which provides a foundation essential to further progress. INCTR emphasizes international collaboration and works to improve communication among the wide range of professionals and volunteers working to control cancer throughout the world. It also collaborates with UN organizations, including WHO and IAEA (PACT) as well as cancer and educational organizations such as the International Union against Cancer and European School of Cancer. Because of its emphasis on communication and collaboration, INCTR recognizes the critical role for a range of e-learning tools and plans to constantly increase its use of web-based educational materials and the provision, electronically and in hard copy, of information relevant to cancer control.

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