January 10 2012

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

Focus Items
1. Approval of minutes of previous Exec. Comm. Conf. call meeting - http://oerc.wikidot.com/november-8-2011
2. Summary of the OITF conference call:

- The Regional Cancer Centre (RCC)at Thiruananthapuram,Capital of the state of Kerala,in India has agreed to serve as the nodal centre for OERC Indian activities.

- Dr Paul Sebastian ,Director of RCC (moc.liamg|1902naitsabesp#moc.liamg|1902naitsabesp), Dr Ramdas ,Superintendent -equivalent to C.O.O in U.S parlance-(moc.liamg|ccrsadmar#moc.liamg|ccrsadmar) have agreed to be coordinating our activities.They will identify a midlevel staff member at RCC available for regular communication and consolidation of efforts.

- Dr Rajagopal,Founder,Director of Pallium India , well known to INCTR, will also join the team.(moc.liamg|74jarrm#moc.liamg|74jarrm)
All 3 were present at the dinner meeting hosted by me.They are enthusiastic about the idea ,but need a lot of support due to the sheer size of India's population (currently 1.22 Billion) and the large number of Oncology centres coming up across the nation catering care to millions of patients.

- CDAC the Govt Centre for computer applications will work closely with them.I have spoken to the chief of this centre and he is very supportive.

- The Nursing Council will be invited to join.

- As soon as other leaders recommended by Anil convey their availability,RCC , in concert with CDAC will arrange the international videoconference for OERC executive committee.
This could be challenging as most of them have busy schedules and getting them on a specific date to suit international accessibility could take time.

- Name recognition is very important in the Indian setting and INCTR , being well known may have to take a leadership role.

- They are happy to host the First OERC India Task Force International meeting in Kovalam beach around 12-13 of January 2013 if INCTR can help them with resources.

- It is a "catch 22 situation" .To raise funding in India you need high visibility and scientific credibility and to reach that status you need funds for operational expenditure.

- Please send a formal note of invitation to Drs Paul Sebastian,Ramdas, and Rajagopal(note their e mail addresses above) on behalf of OERC Ex.Committee, welcoming them to our fold and keep the communication with them flowing..

- The exact date of the proposed videoconference can be finalised once we decide who all should be included.Larger numbers may have logistical problems.Anil may help us by writting to his contacts and selecting a core group willing to spare time and efforts.

- An international conference on "Global Challenges in Medicine" is being held at Kovalam from Dec 30 ,2012-Jan 5 under American Association of Physicians from India (U.S.A) -membership 50,000+ in which several physicains from around the world are participating.I am involved in the organising committee. All major hotels are booked until Jan 7.Hence the tentative dates for OERC meet on Jan 12-13.//

3. OITF activities in India; future plans: M. Pillai and A. Srivastava
4. INCTR Update
5. Funding Opportunities
6. Summary of actions and assignment of responsibilities
6. Date and time of next meeting(s)
7. Adjournment

Go to OERC India OERC India for suggestions/comments from Anil Srivastava.

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