January 12, 2010

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

NB: Since Julie will be in France until January 17th 2010, Parvathi will take down the minutes of OERC conference calls and post them on the wiki site.



1. Subscribers/contributors (Larry)

* Larry contacted a number of individuals. No response to email from Tom Fahey. Dianne mentioned that Tom Fahey is out of the country because of his role as a international medical coordinator. A call may help. Larry has tried contacting a few doctors from Washington hospital center and not heard from them yet.
* Is there any new content from any contributors?
o 141 materials in the cancer collection. When we started we had about 69 contributions. Apart from the broad category, 53 materials are within specific cancer areas. Hence, there has been some progress.
o The site is enabling a community building. Many people have joined the site. There are 250 membership groups and 11 people from health care have contributed. There is a group of people who are becoming active.
o 32 people who are designations in cancer area have joined the site
o Ian - INCTR is building a Faculty where relationships are developed with the universities. Eventually, there is a potential chance to make these folks join the site and contribute material.
o Ian - How slow or fast is the progress? Gerry - We implemented in October, In 3 months, we have 350 people joining the site, which is good marketing. The cancer area designators may be multidisciplinary.
* Electronic journals, Ian has sent them. INCTR is getting associated with e cancer medicine. Gordon is the editor of this journal. He is Director of Cancer Institute in Holland. It will be beneficial to have a look at the e journal site. Open access and free, registration is needed. It will be something worth exploring.
* There are 3 ways to link up the journal to the OERC site.
o 1 - OERC teaching comments - highlight that it is open access journal
o 2 - Specific articles - Whenever they send out a new issue on the journal, batch upload it. But registration will be needed to access the article.
o 3 - Journal will allow people coming from a specific site like from merlot. May be bypassing the registration process.
* The www.ecancermedicalscience.com site links to interesting people. One of them being linkage to Richard Sullivan from London's king college, who is also director of the clinical cancer program. To add the links of these people in the OERC website.
* Ian will email Gordon from ecancermedicalscience.com, and connect him to Gerry.

2. Funding opportunities (Anil, Parvathi)

* Parvathi informed about the progress in the CFC application.

3. TVRC (Anil, Cedric, Ian)
No Comments

4. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry,Anil)

* Sent out letters.
* A plan to schedule a webinar in January or Feb 2010. Ian is exploring Dimdim and a decision has to be made about the web conferencing facility.
* Internet2 - networking tool - allows to interact with the universities.
* Web 2.0 is a social media tool.

5. The agenda for the next call will focus on planning for the webinar with regard to connections, cost etc.

Next call scheduled on January 12, 2010.

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