January 12th 2010

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

NB: Since Julie will be in France until January 17th 2010, Parvathi will take down the minutes of OERC conference calls and post them on the wiki site.


1. Subscribers/contributors
As per Larry's suggestion in his email, the plan is to develop a table of the relevant indicators of activity in OERC periodically update. Gerry to provide numbers in a tabular form to track a progress.
As per Gerry's email, below is the Cancer collection and community in MERLOT information:

  • of materials : 141 (we started with about 70 last year
  • of people who identify themselves as Healthcare Professionals = 263 *we just added this category in Oct 2009
  • of people who identify cancer as their primary interest area = 32 (note that there are many other areas (e.g. nursing) that people could identify as their primary interest area and still be interested in cancer.

2. Funding opportunities
a) Regarding CFC, please see notes posted by Anil today regarding the funding opportunities additional notes.
b) Discussion regarding contributions by way of INCTR membership:Idea is to gradually build a faculty of individuals and universities for OERC and iPATH. To tempt people to provide small contributions by becoming OERC members. The contributions may serve as funding for the US Branch. One way will be to fill up a form and provide the needed contributions by way of credit card or checks (Ian has sent the membership form).
Dianne, Anil and Larry will meet to discuss about how to go about this plan. Personalized letters may also be helpful to all the members. There are some letter formats being circulated earlier and they can be used.
There is another member called Tom Anderson, oncologist in Buffalo. He was interested to work in INCTR, after his retirement.
c) Breakfast meeting tomorrow (January 13th) to discuss INCTR-GKI-OpenCourseWare Consortium working together on OER in Health program with IOM. Some of the people who have confirmed their coming to the informal meeting are:

  • Mike Smith, Special Counsel to Secretary of Education Duncan
  • Roger Glass, Director, Fogarty International Center, and co-chair of NIH Task Force on Global Health
  • Julia Royall, Chief, International Programs, National Library of Medicine
  • Ben Prickril, International Programs Officer, Office of International Affairs, National Cancer Institute
  • Stephan Thieringer, Sara Farley (GKI) and Mary Lou Forward (Open CourseWare Consortium)

The purpose is to revive it and position it as funding for NIH and this may in turn serve as a funding source for OERC. The intention is also to bring in key individuals like Nina Fedroff and Mike Smith to meet and work out funding oportunities for OER in Health. Hoping that Dr. Fineberg can join.
d)About Global Giving, it is being pursued. Working with Julie in that area.
e) Anil mentioned about another site that has a list of donor organizations for people to donate money. Methods like these will be used to fund raise for the INCTR US Branch, so as to eventually apply for CFC 2011.

Anil has discussed with TVRC/Internet2 and will be going to Columbus, Ohio, later this month to discuss.

4. OERC Advisory Committee
Letter send to Robert Burton in Monash Australia. No response yet.
Email to Paul Kleihue (i)s has bounced. He always maintained his position at the University of Zurich. May be able to find him by going into the Zurich university
Possible email address that could be used for Paul Kleihue: Tel: +41-764-352110 and email: hc.hzu.demked|gnutfits-rehcabpurb#hc.hzu.demked|gnutfits-rehcabpurb

5. Planning for the webinar
Discussion with Dimdim. Can they partner with INCTR, so that way we can get their technical support when needed. Dimdim is keen on it and Anil will follow up on that. Discussion about the whole Dimdim membership.
Anil has tried Dimdim before. There are a lot of configuration issues. If there are different versions of Operating Systems, it is a problem. Hence, we need the technical support to get that dimdim working effectively. The next meeting will be a test of webinar using Dimdim/TVRC or any other service. Anil and Stephan will work out the technological details and try to do the next conference in DimDim.

Next meeting is scheduled on January 26, 2010

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