January 11th 2011


Date: 11/01/2011
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Larry Lessin, Ian Magrath, Dianne Kaseman, Julie Estal


1. Subscribers/contributors
- Julie suggested creating a link on the OERC website to the article on OERC published in the latest issue of INCTR NETWORK Magazine (URL : http://www.inctr.org/network-magazine/current-edition/reports/open-educational-resources-for-cancer-oerc-two-years-of-progress )

- Bénédicte Chaidron, who is in charge of this publication, said that she hasn’t received any feedback to this article, nor to the one about INCTR Nursing Oncology Program yet. She will keep Julie informed.

- Larry hasn’t received any answers from Dr. Aziza Shad about the possibility of finding Georgetown University students willing to help explore websites and identify materials which could be contributed to the OERC repository. He will try to contact her again after the symposium she organizes in Ethiopia.

- Larry will write to Dr. Granger to ask him if he’s still interested in participating to OERC Executive Committee conference calls.

- The opportunity of promoting OERC through ESO-grandrounds was discussed again. Larry said that he will make a selection of relevant sessions that could be made available on the OERC repository and ask ESO if they agree for him to do it (see the description of ESO e-grandrounds included in the minutes of the conference call organized on Dec. 9th 2010 for further information).

OERC Executive Committee

- Larry said that he didn’t receive any feedback to the letter sent to OERC Advisory Committee members about 3 months ago


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