July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009
Dial-in Number: +1-309-946-5100 (Midwest)
Participant Access Code: 341340 (please key in # after entering the code).
Note: You are requested to connect to the FreeConference bridge at least 3-5 minutes before 11 am. It has been our experience that it takes several tries to get a free port to connect.

*walk-throught oerc.merlot.org with Gerry; launching of the site
*adding members to the steering committee: Tom Fahey, Karen Antman, Kevin Cullen, Bikran Paul, Martin Malawer, Jon Maybaum, Paul Kleihuis, Robert Burton, ? others.

  • caBIG Annual Meeting [AS]
    • Meeting with Oncologists from India coming end-July for caBIG Annual Meeting
    • caBIG Videoconference with India, July 22, 2009
  • Meeting with NLM: Julia Royall at 2 pm on Thursday July 16, 2009. [AS]
  • World Bank and NCD. [AS]
  • Felicia Gaston [AS]
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