July 6th 2010


Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EDT; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Gerry Hanley, Julie Estal


1. Subscribers/contributors
- Gerry is willing to create videos and to schedule webinars explaining how to use OERC

- Larry is to write a letter inviting recipients to contribute materials to OERC. The letter will use an INCTR letter head. Anil and other OERC Executive members would then sent it to their contacts (including heads of cancer centers in India and China as well as INCTR Branches & Offices Directors).

- Gerry added that we would need to think about how to have sustainable conversations with OERC users. He stated that Merlot voices group for healthcare professionals could be a good follow-up tool as it allows group members to receive messages on a regular basis, to participate in discussions, etc…

- Anil suggested devoting an article in INCTR NETWORK Magazine to OERC

- Ian stressed that there should be clearer guidelines on the content of OERC. It was initially intended to host materials which could be used by educators giving courses on cancer research and treatment, as well as by patients and families. It was felt that there should be more coursework available on the portal. Larry is to follow-up on the request he made to medical schools Directors in this respect. Gerry said that it is currently possible to browse materials by topic area but this could be possible by type of materials too.

- According to Gerry, it is possible to identify recently contributed materials. He explained that once we have a critical mass of materials, we would need to build up a task force of editors willing to write comments on recently contributed materials in order to encourage users to grow the collection.

- Dianne suggested asking the OERC Advisory Board to make recommendations on the issue of content validation. Gerry will write a white paper with a suggested plan to deal with this topic.

- Ian gave information on the new Executive Committee of INCTR’s French Branch and thought that they could help put French materials on the OERC website in order for them to be used in French-speaking developing countries.

2. Funding opportunities
- Anil explained that it would be more effective to adopt a more open-resource type of approach to the teaming agreement drafted by Stephan in order to differentiate it from commercial products.

- Anil said that he is in the process of accelerating contacts with NCI and Fogarty

3. OERC Executive Committee
- All participants to this meetings agreed for Larry to invite Dr. Madhavan Pillai to join the OERC Executive Committee

4. OERC Advisory Committee
- The teleconference call with OERC Advisory Committee members scheduled on July 13th 2010 at 11 a.m. EST was postponed to September 2010

NEXT MEETING: August 3rd 2010

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