June 14 2011

Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851


1. Introduction of Mark Lodge to Committee
2. Information on current status of OERC usage
3. This website - too cumbersome to use effectively
3. Other business
4. Date of next meeting

Data from Gerry:

As of 6/8/2011, here’s some MERLOT-OERC metrics:

• There are 319 materials in the MERLOT Cancer collection (we’ve had a lull in adding to the collection). If people don’t want to catalog materials in MERLOT, they can post the URLs in our website - http://voices.merlot.org/group/oercancer/forum/topics/websites-for-the-oerc . Stephan was funding a student to catalog them and we can continue doing this if we get websites (I’ll need to check with Stephan as well).
• There are 6,242 MERLOT members in Health Sciences and 42 identified cancer as their specialty
• There are 716 Healthcare Professionals in MERLOT, with over 60 members contributing in some way to MERLOT (this group was started about 2 years ago)

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