June 15th 2010


Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EDT; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

NB: Please note that Julie will not be able to attend this conference call and take minutes.


1. Subscribers/contributors
- Identification of:
- an on-line system to connect with relevant institutions in India and China and share a presentation on OERC (Anil)
- IT people willing to help create an advertisement on how to use OERC (Larry, Gerry, Ian)

- Follow-up on Larry’s idea to contribute more materials on clinical trials on OERC Portal (all)

- Feedback on Anil’s suggestion to approach NCRR (all)

- Possibility of including OERC in the letter to be sent to WHO regional/country offices to inform them about INCTR activities (Ian)

- Follow-up on Gerry’s suggestion to find an intern to assist Anil with OERC tasks (Anil-Gerry)

2. Funding opportunities
- Follow-up on the teaming agreement outline drafted by Stephan: Why would it be useful? Should we provide more information on the expertise and strength of each individual team member? (all)

- Last minute details on the consultation with NIC scheduled on June 18th, including the video conference session planned with Gerry (all)

- Follow-up on INCTR-OERC- Open Course Ware Consortium working together on OER in Health program with IOM (Anil)

- Follow-up on the Rockefeller Foundation initiative to enhance health care (Anil)

3. OERC Executive Committee
- Feedback from Dr. Elder Granger (Larry)

4. OERC Advisory Committee
- Agenda/confirmed participants to the teleconference call with the OERC Advisory Committee members scheduled on July 13th 2010 at 11 a.m. EST (all)

Minutes/Topics discussed:
6-15-2010 1100-1145hrs. EST
Participants: Anil, Diane, Ian, Gerry, Stephan, Larry
-Promotion of OERC to centers in India and China
-Meeting of CaBIG with Chinese cancer institutes
-Fogarty meeting on OER, focusing on Africa
-Potential of OER as a mandatory requirement for NIH/NCI funding
-Building the repository collection; potential for an intern at MERLOT and volunteer Georgetown medical student[s]
-Building the community of particpants; directory of participants
-Content validation; future meeting to be devoted to this topic; possible lead article in INCTR magazine; outside expertise; MERLOT's approach;relation to types of content
-NCRR directory of cancer scientists
-MERLOT now has Google translator
-Potential use by Francofone countries in Africa
-Gerry to provide content/user/hit data quarterly
-Ian spoke to ASH-EHS meeting and presented an OERC slide
-Anil made contact with Rockefeller Foundation representatives
-INCTR-NCI meeting to take place June 18th with focus on clinical trials in developing countries; OERC to have backgound role in capacity building

Please feel free to send your contributions to this agenda; talk to you soon!

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