March 16th 2010

Date: 23/02/2010
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Stephan Thieringer, Ian Magrath, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Julie Estal
Excused: Gerry Hanley


1. Subscribers/contributors (All)

- Updated statistics on the number of visitors/contributors on the website (Gerry)
o Number of materials in Cancer collection: 143
o Number of members with Cancer as their primary discipline: 34
o Number of member with Health Sciences as their primary discipline: 5,355
o Number of members who identify themselves as Healthcare professionals: 389 (which is a very good growth rate from 0 beginning less than 6 months ago.
Gerry will send a web analytics report in a few days.

- There were about 20 clicks on the various links included in the news item about OERC in the February issue of the INCTR Newsflash (Julie)
o Understanding Cancer: 12 clicks
o Cancer and the Immune System: The Vital Connection: 6 Clicks
o Read more: 1 Click
o For more information, please visit the OERC Website: 1 Click

- Larry will send Julie an article challenging readers to provide feedback on recent contributions to the OERC Portal for the April issue of the INCTR Newsflash (Larry)

- An information sheet about OERC will be put in participants’ bags at INCTR 10th Anniversary Meeting / Annual General Assembly. One of the goals of the working session entitled “ Development of an INCTR Faculty and Partnerships with Universities” will be to discuss the role of INCTR faculty in ongoing INCTR programs and projects, including the possibility of providing content for INCTR websites (OERC) and manuals, and maybe form a group of people willing to review contributions on the OERC portal. It was also suggested for Ian to include a slide about OERC in one of the presentations he is to give at this meeting. It was agreed that relevant presentations on cancer education which will be made at this meeting will be posted on the OERC Portal (Ian, Cedric and Julie).

- Julie will include the need to contribute materials to the OERC portal as one of the discussion items of the next INCTR Branches and Offices Conference calls. She will be happy to provide technical support to Branches and Offices staff in this regard. (Julie)

- Feedback on emails sent by each Executive Committee member to his/her contacts to inform them about the website and invite them to post contributions: Larry forwarded the "call to action" letter sent to the Advisory Committee several months ago to OERC Executive Committee members. They were invited to use/modify it as they network with their colleagues. (Larry)

- It was also suggested to add a link to the OERC Portal and a headline/slogan in Executive Committee members’ email signatures. Anil asked if it would be possible to add a link to the OERC Portal on INCTR website. This will be taken in account as the new design/site map for the INCTR website progresses. (Anil, Ian, All)

2. Funding opportunities (Anil, Stephan)

-Follow up on INCTR-GKI-Open Course Ware Consortium working together on OER in Health program with IOM: (Anil) Anil said that institutions like University of Michigan and Tufts University which are funded through Hewlett do not see the need to find new funding sources. On the other hand, Dr. Gerald Keusch, of Boston University who leads the Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CIGH) strongly feels that without additional funding it is impossible to do anything, so it is necessary to do some follow up on this. Anil suggested two possible and parallel ways forward:

1. Work with IOM and NCI on OERC as capacity building for global cancer research.

2. NCI University opening: According to Anil, there is at least an opening, if not immediate opportunity, to initiate a discussion with NCI re : INCTR participating in the Virtual University idea. But it needs someone to pursue this on a daily basis with a well defined presentation. Anil thinks that it is more of an INCTR idea with OERC as a key component. Partners could be Internet2, TVRC and AcrossWorld Education Company. Anil said he could guide and make the connections but he won’t be able to pursue this by himself.
Stefan suggested that, once we have further information on these two structures, we could put together a teaming agreement with AcrossWorld Education Company to propose relevant contacts concrete deliverables. (Stephan, Ian, All)

- Feedback on meeting between GlobalGiving people, Dianne, Larry and Anil (Anil): Anil has not been able to coordinate this meeting.

- Anil will meet with Julia Royal from the National Library of Medicine on March, 19th 2010.

- Anil suggested, with Stefan’s help, to give a presentation about OERC at NCI in order to bring together all relevant contacts who could be interested in partnering/funding our initiative.

3. TVRC (Anil)

-Feedback from Anil about the meeting with TVRC/Internet2 in Columbus, Ohio: Being dedicated to health research, TVRC has agreed to provide facilities to INCTR (and OERC). For the time being no costs/membership fee was mentioned. TVRC has a help desk, so we should be provided with good technical support when necessary. It was decided to schedule a TVRC collaboration session for the next OERC conference call in order to test it and see whether we could use it for other purposes. Anil agreed to schedule a first session for us and to send an invitation to attend this event, but we would need someone from OERC/INCTR/AcrossWorld Education Company to coordinate this in terms of organization/scheduling and technology in the future.

4. Meeting of the OERC Advisory committee via Internet 2 or other web-based application (Larry)

- Possibility of organizing this with TVRC, based on the test scheduled on April, 13th 2010

5. OERC Executive Committee (Anil)

-It was suggested to invite Dr. Ben Prickril, International Program Officer, NCI Office of International Affairs, to join the OERC Executive Committee. He has been very enthusiastic supporter of OER in Health, and works with Joe Harford (Anil)

Next meeting : April 13th 2010, in the form of a TVRC collaboration session PLEASE REMEMBER TO TEST YOUR CONNECTION WITH TVRC beforehand. For this purpose please send Kenneth Fox the date, time, video conferencing unit and IP address you want to test.
Kenneth Fox
Video Specialist
Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet)
TeleHealth Video Resource Center(TVRC)
Skype: fox-oarnet

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