May 12, 2009

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1. Approve minutes of last two meetings
2. Andrea Okrentowich offer to continue to help with OERC as volunteer.
3. Update on funding strategy; business plan, budget, grant applications, funds, petty cash
3.1. Meetings with World Bank, NCI, Fogarty, Hewlett, foundations and other potential sources
3.2 Felicia Gaston, grant writer
4. Status of activation; missing pieces?
5. Status of Newsletter distribution via Constant Contact
6. Steering committee membership and virutal meeting
7. Next meeting[s]

Notes from the meeting by Anil Srivastava. Please review and revise to reflect the substance of the discussion:

  • Larry asked Dianne about the discussion at last meeting. Gerry explained about family-to-family discussion on Merlot voices. Larry agreed that people with specific questions pointed to reliable sources. Gerry suggested that FAQ instead of direct advice to avoid liability.
  • Larry asked comments on last two meetings.
  • Discussed Andrea. Decline Andrea's offer.
  • Oncology Grand Rounds. (Larry)
  • Gerry and Stephan to discuss between them offline.
  • Virtual meeting in summer. Anil to suggest logistics after discussion with internet2.
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