May 19, 2009

Call-in Information:

Access Number
712-421-6842 Use 517-417-5700 instead from now on.

672630# Use 938832# instead from now on.


1. Approve notes of last meeting
2.0 Newsletter1
3.0 Continue funding discussion2
4.0 Continue to get the Merlot site up and going3
5.0 Steering committee membership and virtual meeting

Next meeting


Notes from the meeting by Anil Srivastava. Please review and revise to reflect the substance of the discussion:

1. Larry asked about Newsletter. Stephan said that we have not made any effective progress but next week a new person will be at AcrossWorld who will be charged to work on OERC portal and newsletter. Dianne felt that this alternative is good and she expressed the need for a briefing and tutorial.

2. Gerry said he will be discussing pointers/relationship between oerc.merlot repository and oerc-international websites.

3. Molly Gimbel.

4. Funding: Dianne and Larry talked about small funding. Anil to come back after discussing with the World Bank.

5. Gerry said that oerc.merlot will be ready end-May. Dianne and Larry talked about text for medical disclaimer.

6. Anil proposed that he will set up a scope of work for a World Bank contract.

7. Next executive conference call on Tuesday, May 26th.

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