May 25th 2010


Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Gerry Hanley, Julie Estal

Excused: Stephan Thieringer, Ian Magrath, Elder Granger

1. Subscribers/contributors
- Following the suggestion made to target areas of heavy users (China, India), Anil will work with TVRC to identify an on-line system to connect with relevant institutions and share a presentation on OERC. Larry asked whether any Executive Committee members could identify competent people to help create an advertisement on how to use OERC.

- According to Anil, there is a current will to engage the community in clinical research in a bottom-up approach in the US, which is quite similar to the one existing at the international level. He also reported that he talked about INCTR/OERC initiatives at a recent meeting about Clinical and Translational Science Awards and that the audience seemed quite interested. He was approached by [Dr. Rapkin] who was eager to share his presentations about the need to use alternatives to randomized clinical trials. Dr. Rapkin would be happy to learn more about OERC.

- Larry stressed that NIH recently intensified its efforts to improve participation of minority groups in clinical research. He asked whether INCTR developed guidelines on how to recruit patients on clinical trials that could be posted on OERC Portal.

- Anil discussed the idea to recruit a graduate student to work 20 hours a week for 12 USD an hour as an intern to assist him with OERC tasks with Gerry and Dr. Aziza Shad. It would now be necessary to draft a position description indicating a list or requirements, such as the need to have medical expertise. It was suggested to have a medical and a technical student working together.

- Gerry informed OERC Executive Committee members that MERLOT can now be translated into over 30 languages via Google translator (more information:

2. Funding opportunities
- Anil suggested organizing a consultation on funding with relevant contacts at NIC on June 18th, knowing that the award luncheon in honor of Raj Shah which was initially planned on that day was postponed.

- Anil said that GKI has lost interest in the opportunity to have INCTR-OERC-Open Course Ware Consortium working together on OER in Health program with IOM.

- Julie had a teleconference with Manmeet Mehta from Global Giving. The suggested course of action is to register an NNCTR/INCTR Nepal project to build a community centre in Nepal in order to take part in the next Global Giving Open Challenge which will be launched this August (more information on how Global Giving works: If this pilot is successful, it could be possible for INCTR to have a permanent webpage for INCTR on Global Giving website featuring a selection of grassroots initiatives for cancer control in developing countries through an incentive grant or other relevant means

- Anil will send a short note on the Rockefeller Foundation initiative to enhance health care in order to discuss how we could start a dialogue and formulate a proposal

3. TVRC (All)
- Following the first TVRC collaboration session which took place a few weeks ago, Anil suggested using it again to enable Gerry to take part to the meeting scheduled on June 18th 2010.

4. OERC Executive Committee
- Larry will call Dr. Elder Granger, to find out why he wasn’t able to join this conference call and to join OERC wiki site.

5. OERC Advisory Committee
- Anil suggested organizing a conference call with OERC Advisory Committee members on July 13th 2010 at 11 a.m. EST. To this end, Anil will create a page on OERC wiki site to identify a few strategic planning issues in order to engage them as advisors and contributors (e.g. : what would be the next steps to raise OERC visibility ?). Mary Lou Forward from Open Course Ware Consortium will be invited to attend this conference call. Anil offered to get in touch with each individual member to ensure there will be a good number of participants to this teleconference call.


June 15th 2010

NB: Please note that Julie won't be able to attend this conference call and take minutes.

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