May 4th 2010

Date: 04/05/2010

Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)

Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Lawrence S. Lessin, Anil Srivastava, Gerry Hanley, Julie Estal

Excused: Stephan Thieringer, Ian Magrath, Elder Granger


1. Subscribers/contributors

- No additional letters were sent to promote OERC, only individual conversations took place with potential contributors. It was suggested to send letters to academic cancer centers, libraries and other institutions involved in healthcare education, preferably through a connection, as OERC is not well known yet. (Dianne)

- It might be possible to find the contact details of such institutions, either federally funded or community centers. It would be a good starting point (Larry).

- All OERC Advisory Committee members now receive INCTR Newsflashes (Julie).

- With the support of contacts from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), it might be possible to make a presentation on OERC at NIH. This presentation could then be circulated among other institutions. It would be necessary to find a date when Dianne and Larry would be available to go to NIH (Anil).

-Following the suggestion made at the previous meeting to write to the directors of major cancer institutions in China/India to ask them to inform their staff members about OERC portal and to encourage them to contribute materials, Anil said that he is in the process of compiling a list of such institutions. However it is a lengthy process. Additional assistance would be necessary to put together fragmented information and make it sharable (Anil).

- It is also possible for ASCO members to look for contacts of oncologists based in India and China (Larry)

- Anil is to send OERC Executive Committee members an email about a project funded by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) to enable the validation of learning objects by a network of scientists in the US. This could become a joint NCRR/OERC project to enlarge it to a larger community (Anil).

- MERLOT is a library and a directory. Institutions can register on Merlot and indicate their areas of specialty and contact persons. It might be possible to add a tag to themselves showing that they are connected to OERC and filter such organizations (Gerry).

- It was offered to find a graduate student to work 20 hours a week for 12 USD an hour as an intern to help Anil develop a directory and a project to be submitted to NCRR (Gerry).

- All the contact information collected would be shared with INCTR (Anil).

- On the latest Google analytics report sent by Gerry, one can note a general stagnation in the number of contributors. This may be caused by the fact that openness is still a policy question for many potential contributors. (Gerry)

- One may need a financial incentive to commit to open up one’s research work (Anil).

2. Funding opportunities

- There was a lot of interest in OER at the meeting with Julia Royal from the National Library of Medicine (NLM). This support could be useful in approaching other institutions such as NCI (Anil).

- A meeting is scheduled between Ian and NCI Deputy Director Dr. Anna Barker on June, 21st 2010. It was suggested to take this opportunity to organize an event with Ian, either before/after this meeting, to raise the profile of OERC/INCTR in the US. Ian’s scheduled should be shared with OERC Executive members as soon as possible to find a date suitable to everyone (Anil).

- Anil is to follow-up on the Rockefeller Foundation initiative to enhance health care (Anil).


- Following the first TVRC collaboration session which took place a few weeks ago, it was suggested to schedule another trial, outside OERC Executive Committee conference calls. This could take the form of a presentation to introduce OERC to heads of a selection of cancer institutions in India and China. (Anil, Larry).

4. OERC Executive Committee

- One will need to ensure that Dr. Elder Granger, CMO of CTIS, will be able to join the next OERC Executive Committee conference call (Larry)

5. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry)

- It has become urgent to organize a meeting with OERC Advisory Committee members, if possible in the form of a TVRC conference session, which would consist of a presentation followed by a discussion (Larry)

NEXT MEETING: May 25th 2010

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