Meeting with Joe Harford

Joe Harford and Anil Srivastava met on June 30th to discuss the possibility of an OERC meeting in Geneva during the World Cancer Congress in Geneva: August 27-31, 2008. This was a possibility taht was discussed at the OERC Planning Meeting in Chicago on May 29, 2008.

UICC08 is a meeting where a large number of delegates from developing countries participate. Though there is no funding available for the meeting, it was felt that since Joe Harford and Ian Magrath will be at UICC08, we may take the opportunity to connect to people from other countries, brief them about OERC, and seek their interest. Joe had offered to find a meeting room if we decided to go ahead.

Action items that emerged from the meeting between Joe and Anil:

1. A Terms of Reference (ToR) needs to be prepared for potential participants in the OERC consortium. What is expected of them? What would they gain from being part of OERC consortium? What would they expect from OERC? How does OERC fit in with their plans?

2. A short description of OERC. This note and ToR together should not be more than 2 or 3 pages.

3. Joe and Ian will then invite those from amongst likely attendees to join the meeting.

4. Once the note and invitation is ready, then Anil will brief Hewlett and ask them to attend the Geneva meeting, if they want. Anil will be meeting Hewlett folks in Califorinia, in the week of July 21st.

5. Anil is speaking at the SAARC Heads of State Meeting and South Asia Economic Summit in Colombo on August 29th. Depending on the date for the Geneva meeting it may be possible for him to break journey in Geneva to join the OERC meeting.

6. Joe Harford will suggest a date and time for a conference call in the week of July 7th to discuss and decide about Geneva meeting. Kusuma in consultation with Ian and Anil will hopefully have the draft note containing the short description and ToR as per item 1 & 2 above ready before end of this week.

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