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December 2008 Dianne F Kaseman

PROGRESS 2008: OERC Establishes website on MERLOT platform
The OERC executive committee has made considerable progress this year and will soon begin a new relationship with MERLOT, Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and On-Line Teaching, California State University System. MERLOT will house an online repository of donor contributed, categorized cancer learning materials (clinical guides, courses, research summaries, etc.). Contributing partners are currently being identified and are being asked to submit materials. The Creative Commons policy will serve as the guide intellectual property matters.

• To create a open resource repository of cancer educational materials covering diverse aspects of oncology

• To promote global sharing of cancer educational resources as proposed in the 2007 WHO report on cancer

• To utilize knowledge sharing to assist countries develop cancer control strategies

• To employ educational resources to enhance the capacities of physicians, nurses and care givers in developing countries to diagnose and treat cancer patients

• To provide free access to cutting edge basic and clinical cancer research information in user friendly format

• To contribute to the development of a research infrastructure and a research ethos for cancer care and prevention at a global level

OERC becomes subsidiary of INTCR (The International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research). OERC presentation to be featured at INCTR Meeting in Turkey, March, 2009.
INCTR’s 8th Meeting on Cancer in Countries with Limited Resources will be held in Antalya, Turkey in March 2009 (22-24th). The meeting will, as usual, including keynote lectures, reports from INCTR programs, educational/scientific sessions, workshops, and “Meet the Expert” sessions. The first day will include lectures by INCTR award winners who have contributed significantly to cancer control in developing countries. INCTR members will have the opportunity to present their own work either, as an oral presentation or poster, based on submitted abstracts. The educational/scientific sessions will encompass a broad range of topics, among them education and research in low resource settings, including the use of open access resources for education, ethical issues that are of particular importance in low and middle income countries, infectious diseases and cancer, AIDS associated malignancies, cancers in women and children, hematological malignancies, cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and palliative care. There will be ample opportunities for discussion and exchange of ideas. INCTR provides as many scholarships as possible for those who would be unable, otherwise, to attend the meeting. Currently, INTCR is a part of the excetuive committee developing and leading OERC.

OERC Recognizes Steering Committee Members
It is a privilege and honor to recognize the members of the OERC steering committee. The members include to date:

Gracemarie Bricalli ESM
Dianne Kaseman, dfk, iBF
Norman Coleman NationalCancerInstitute/DCTD
Leslie Derr NationalCancerInstitute/CBIIT
Joe Harford NationalCancerInstitute/OIA
Svetlana Jezdic ESMA
Larry Lessin WashingtonCancerInstitute/WHC
Ian Magrath INCTR
Brenda Nevidjon, Oncology Nurse’s Society, Duke Univ.
Aziza Shad,
Georgetown University
Anil Srivastava iBharti Foundation
Stephan Thieringer, AcrossWorld
Victor Vuchic The Flora ad William Hewlett Foundation
Raj Shah, chair, iBharti Foundation

OERC leadership attend National Academy of Sciences Meeting on OER in Health.
The institute of Medicine of the NAS and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation cosponsored a meeting at the National Academy of Sciences Building from Sept. 3-4, 2008. The meeting entitled, Open Educational Resources in Health Symposium, was attended by participants from around the world and three of OERC’s executive committee (Dr. Larry Lessin, Dr. Dianne Kaseman and Mr. Anil Srivastava). Some of the featured speakers included David T. Stern, MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, Ph.D., President, IOM; and Catherine Casserly, Ph.D. Director of the OER resouces initiative, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Other speakers addressed regional OER Health projects and issues as well as Creative Commons. An outgrowth of this symposium is a national OER for Health Planning initiative. OERC is part of the planning steering committee and is currently assisting in the development of an OER for health white paper. It is anticipated that this work will help guide the awarding of funds for OER health grants and project activities.

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