Next Meeting April 2011


Time: 5 pm-6 pm (11 to 12 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Dial-in Number: +1-218-339-2626
Participant Access Code: 869851

1. Subscribers/contributors

- Feedback on the opportunity to find new interns from Georgetown University (Larry)

- Feedback on the discussion between Gerry and Stephan about the changes to be made to the statement about copyright and attribution issues on the OERC website (Gerry and Stephan)

- Feedback received by OERC Ex. Com members when contacting their contacts to promote OERC using the paragraph written by Gerry (all)

- Feedback received to the letter sent to INCTR Faculty members inviting them to contribute materials on the OERC website (Ian and Julie)

2. Funding opportunities

- Feedback on the discussion between Ian and Mark Lodge about potential funding opportunities available from publishing companies (Ian)

3. OERC Executive Committee

- Feedback from Norman Coleman to the renewed invitation to join the OERC Ex. Com sent by Larry (Larry)

4. OERC Advisory Committee

- (Re)creation of an OERC Advisory Committee (all)


Please feel free to send your contributions to this agenda; talk to you soon!

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