March 8th 2011


Date: 11/01/2011
Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Ian Magrath, Dianne Kaseman, Madhavan Pillai, Larry Lessin, Gerry Hanley, Stephan Thieringer, Lawrence S. Lessin


1. Subscribers/contributors

- Dr. Shad said that she could easily find interns but she has not given any contact details to Larry yet.

- Dr. Pillai shared updates about IACA’s partnership with OERC. The OERC website will be featured on the IACA’s website and newsletter that will be sent out in April. However, Dr. Pillai reported that several IACA members were concerned with copyright related issues. Participants to this conference call agreed on the need to provide a more detailed explanation about this on the OERC website. This issue will be further discussed between Stephan and Gerry in the coming weeks. In the meantime, all OERC Executive Members are invited to think about how the statement about copyright and attribution issues could be changed in a way that could be more satisfactory to contributors.

- Gerry said that the Creative Commons system is one solution among many other strategies. Contributors can choose the system they prefer, although Merlot strongly recommends the Creative Commons one.

- Dr. Pillai asked if there is anyone in charge of editing materials to ensure that they comply with the specified format. Larry replied that no one is doing it yet although he can be contacted about formatting issues.

- Everyone thanked Gerry for the paragraph he wrote for OERC Ex. Committee members’ use when contacting contacts to promote OERC.

- Regarding Dr. Pillai’s suggestion of inviting renowned cancer experts to write brief reviews that could quickly address the main emerging issues related to specific cancers at the global level each year, Larry said that many cancer centers have their own annual reports available on their websites. He also said that it may be interesting to have a look at the article written by Ian about cancer in developing countries that was published in the G20 Health Briefing and is available on the OERC website. Ian also suggested creating a link to the CancerMondial website, which deals with cancer statistics worldwide (URL: This URL will be made available in a new section entitled “Global cancer epidemiology: incidence and mortality data”.

- Ian also suggested adding another new section entitled “Cancer genetics”.

- Ian said that INCTR is in the process of creating a list of people interested in cancer training and education in developing countries as part of the development of an INCTR Faculty. He offered to use this list to try to identify people interested in contributing materials on the OERC website.

2. Funding opportunities
- Ian informed OERC Ex. Com. members that Mark Lodge, Director of the INCTR UK Charity, recently got a grant to help catalogue bibliographic materials in developing countries. He said that he will ask him if he knows any publishing companies that might be interested in supporting OERC.

3. OERC Executive Committee
- Larry said that although he was initially invited to join the OERC Executive Committee, Norman Coleman could be re-invited.

4. OERC Advisory Committee
- Dianne thinks that it would be useful to recreate an OERC Advisory Committee but we would need to clarify beforehand how the OERC Ex. Com could use it.

- Ian said that it would be a good idea to check on a regular basis if previous OERC Advisory Committee members would like to attend OERC Ex. Com. conference calls. He also stressed that Skype recently launched a multi-video conferencing facility that OERC Ex. Com. members may like to test in the coming months.


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