Next meeting - November 2010 (TBC)


Date: 9/11/2010
Time:bold text (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
Participants: Dianne Kaseman, Madhavan Pillai, Gerry Hanley, Larry Lessin, Ian Magrath, Julie Estal


1. Subscribers/contributors

- Ian is to send the G20 Health briefing to OERC Executive Committee members. Gerry will identify discussion items in this publication which could be discussed on the OERC “Voices” for Healthcare Professionals discussion forum (URL: This would help build engagement and share ideas about open educational resources needed in the field of cancer control. For example, it may be interesting to speak about the economics of cancer and the differences between high and low and middle income countries in this field. He also offered to put more on-line materials on the OERC website to raise awareness about cancer control challenges and opportunities in countries with limited resources provided other OERC executive members send these materials to him.

- Larry will ask Dr. Aziza Shad if she could find Georgetown University students willing to help explore websites and identify materials which could be contributed to the OERC repository.

- OERC Executive Committee members discussed Ian’s suggestion to write a letter on OERC to the members of the Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries. Ian said that Mrs. Felicia Knaul who belongs to this group was informed about OERC during recent conference calls. She was also interested to hear about INCTR’s suggestions on what form the new NCI Centre for Global Health should take.

2. OERC Executive Committee

- Dr. Madhavan Pillai from Jefferson Medical College introduced himself. He spoke about his interest in cancer control in India, his active involvement in Pallium India and the Indo-American Cancer Association (IACA), as well as about his plans to create a national cancer care consortium in India.

- Dr. Pillai said that several Indian colleagues interested in OERC have experienced problems accessing the website. It was therefore decided to appoint one IACA secretary to act as a facilitator to help IACA members contribute materials to OERC. Larry will participate in the next IACA monthly conference to discuss IACA’s partnership with OERC.

- Dr. Pillai also asked questions about copyright issues that have been raised by some of his colleagues. He was informed by Gerry that, according to Creative Commons rules, people willing to donate lectures including extracts of publications do not need to ask for their authors’ authorization, provided that they are reproduced for a fair use such as instruction purposes.

3. OERC Advisory Committee
- Larry said that an email should be sent to OERC Advisory Committee members providing them with updates and asking them if they are still interested to be involved with OERC. Ian stressed that OERC needs genuinely interested, active advisors willing to participate to the process. Larry suggested targeting academics. Ian mentioned the possibility to expand to cancer societies.


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