Notes from Gerry

March 9, 2009

Notes from Gerry:

These items are needed in order to approve the OERC Teaching Commons site 1.0

1. Content

Text is needed for the website. Two particular groups: Healthcare Professionals and Patients and Families

  • What will OERCs value be for these groups?
  • What does OERC want to say to healthcare professionals?

We need a different message for Patients and Families tab.

  • Are you or a loved one facing cancer? Here is what you need to know……..
  • At OeRC you can find information on………….

2. Resources

We need to highlight a few resources for both Healthcare Professionals and Patients and Families

  • Examples of this may be a PPT slide show on helping cancer patients work through cancer treatment.
  • Here is a sample of what is on OERC………………….
  • Same on Healthcare providers page. Here are samples…………….

3. For Healthcare Providers

We need the ability to link them to others within the MERLOT community that can provide advise.

  • Example: Here are people in your specialty……………
  • (Live chat could be possible here)

4. Have a feature that will point to OERC Voices. Those members that are currently online will be able to chat if needed.

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