Nov, 17th, 2009

Date: 11/17/2009
Members attended: Lawrence S. Lessin, Dianne Kaseman, Anil Srivastava, Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Ian Magrath, Parvathi Chandrasekar, Aziza Shad

Planned Agenda:
1. Newsflash (All,Gerry)

  • Discuss what could by written / by whom to include a news item about OERC in the November issue of the INCTR Newsflash. Deadline for submision : Monday, November, 23rd (see email sent by Julie) (all)
  • Make relevant changes on the website to better link it to the INCTR Newsflash (see email sent to Don by Julie) (Gerry)

2. Subscribers/contributors (all)
3. Funding opportunities (Anil, Gerry, Stefan)
4. Contents/Linkages (Larry, Gerry, Ian)
5. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry)
6. TVRC - TeleHealth Video Resource Center (Anil, Ian)

Minutes of the Call

  • Newsflash
    1. Larry will be sending in a 100 word paragraph that can be included in the newsflash.
    2. New guidelines have been released for breast cancer screening. It is available across a number of news articles and research journals. Members have to contribute information such as entire articles or references to these articles or abstracts, which can be mentioned in the newsflash.
  • Contributors: Need to increase the contributors, especially from INCTR. Larry will be inviting and sending action letters to the advisory committee members.
  • Discussion about the new guidelines for breast cancer screening
    1. Aziza: In developing countries, will be useful in reducing the costs. Younger women in Pakistan/India are affected by Breast Cancer. If we can get some information from the experts in these countries.
    2. Ian Magrath:Some developing countries hardly show benefits of mammography. No value added to self examination. 5-40% of the women are over diagnosed and are being treated when they do not have cancer. It is controversial and a lot of implications to different women. A need to analyze the implication in the developing and developed countries. 6% reduction in mortality in Breast Cancer due to mammogram in Britain. Mostly newsflash included work about INCTR. But we can talk about the breast screening information and provide some links to important references. So, people in OERC can get connected to important publications. A collection of the relevant materials. Members should share these articles and link it to OERC. And that can be linked to a small article in newsflash. Breast screening is not as good as it is, if the treatment is not followed appropriately.
    3. Anil: A discussion among the INCTR members can be recorded and posted onto the INCTR website. Recording of a small panel of people discussing and moderating it by people and doctors from developing countries. A good OERC-INCTR activity.
    4. Dianne: There is anxiety among patients and families is a problem. Something can be put together for the patients/families and put up in Merlot. Lobular cancers are not easily detectable. More in urban areas and few in rural areas and hence distorted view.
    5. Larry: It is not large number of people who are accessing the site. Most people don’t know about the site. Voices has about half a dozen visitors.
    6. Gerry: Let people know what is available and use Voices as a forum to interact with each other. Merlot does have ability to set up Webinar. People can do power point presentation, join over the internet and dial to talk (like VOIP). For talking, Voices can be used. If it is jus information, an INCTR newsflash can be used. Instant messaging can be done, text to one another. Threaded discussion can be done in voices. Links to the website, videos. Merlot has access to some licenses, for webinar. Can capture the webinar and post it as a video on the website. If there are interests in Voices, we can get it started immediately.
  • Funding
    1. Global Giving: Anil and Parvathi met with Global giving on November 16, 2009. A number of options were discussed and detailed information about the organization will be sent to all members. A decision can be made about working with Global Giving to raise funds.
    2. Combined Federal Campaign - Parvathi will be attending the CFC training on November 19, 2009. More information will be shared further to this training.
    3. Anil mentioned that Global giving will connect more to the INCTR Projects and CFC will contribute more towards INCTR as a whole.
  • OERC Advisory Committee: Larry mentioned about email from Aaron Primack. He has retired from NCI and would like to withdraw out of the OERC committee. We can call him, if there are any specific areas. If needed, we can connect with Aaron and seek some help from him. Anil said he will connect with Aaron.
  • Next Meeting schedule: December 1, 2009, Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)
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