Nov, 3rd, 2009

Date: 3/11/2009

Time: (11 Noon EST; 5 pm GMT+1)

Participants: Lawrence S. Lessin, Dianne Kaseman, Anil Srivastava, Stephan Thieringer, Gerry Hanley, Ian Magrath, Parvathi Chandrasekar, Julie Estal



1. NEWSLETTER (Gerry, Julie)

  • Please send Julie news items relating to OERC for the INCTR Newsflash using the template she previously sent. Your articles should be sent back ASAP in the month, the final deadline being before the last week of each month as the INCTR Newsflash is usually sent at the very end of the month. Julie will send a reminder in a few days. Thank you !
  • Julie will get back in touch with Gerry with suggestions on how to include better links to the INCTR Newsflash on the website and provide the URL of the latest issue of the INCTR Newsflash


  • Gerry informed us that the website now has a RSS feed (where ?) It’s possible to find out all the recently submitted materials in a list on the right hand side of the home page


  • Feed-back from Anil about his various efforts with the National Library of Medicine, the US Department of Education, OER in Health (see notes for discussion, available at :, the Combined Federal Campaign, the World bank, etc…

*Other funding opportunities mentioned by Gerry.

4. CONTENTS/LINKAGES (Larry, Gerry, Ian)

  • Gerry informed participants about the possibility of finding important links under « Finding more OER > Beyond Merlot > Other collections
  • Larry suggested changing the name of the « Finding more OER » menu item and add « Finding more OER links » instead
  • Ian will try to send a link to a website listing open-access electronic cancer journals

5. OERC Advisory Committee (Larry, Dianne)

  • Larry worked on the draft letter sent by Dianne for OERC Advisory Committee members. He now needs an up-dated contacts list to send them the letter. Dianne should look for it on the wiki and copy the relevant page’s URL to Anil, who would like to re-structure the wiki site.

6. INTRODUCING Parvathi Chandrasekar and Judy Breck (Anil)

  • Parvathi started volunteering for the INCTR OHSL project on September, 1st, 2009. She has a Masters degree in Public Health and 5 years work experience in the clinical trials industry in India.

*Parvathi should upload her biography and a picture of herself onto the wikisite (see

  • Judy Breck used to run the website and is the author of several books. Being a cancer sufferer herself, she is interested in helping out (see
  • Anil suggests that Judy (health permitting) should be invited to join the next conference call and see how she could contribute to OERC. Maybe she could then be invited to join the OERC Advisory Committee.
  • Gerry will give a virtual tour of OERC to Parvathi and Judi by phone.

7. THOUGHTS on website (Anil)

  • We should postpone this issue for the time being and concentrate on and how it relates to

8. TVRC- TeleHealth Video Resource Center (Anil, Ian)

  • The Ohio State University TVRC could be used to develop an OERC and/or INCTR periodical videoconference program with multiple receiver types (computer, video-conferencing, phone/internet links)
  • Anil will post a description of the TVRC on the wiki &/or send it by email.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November, 17th, 2009

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