Agenda for 25th November 2008 Teleconference

Please put down the items that you would like to discuss. As far as possible follow the format that I am using for your agenda item.

  • Discuss the re-organization of GVAN Wiki that Andrea Okrentowich is doing and suggest changes/improvement to be made [Anil].
  • Re-visiting earlier decisions so we can brief Andrea on things to be followed up. We need to have a "to do list" prioritized by the Executive Committee [Anil].
  • Discussion of the process for developing funding - a) a small prelimanary grant from a source other than Hewlett and b) the major proposal to Hewlett and who will do what (professional grant writer?) [Ian]
  • Existing INCTR materials that might be made available via OERC [Ian]
  • Progress in discussions with INCTR USA [Ian]
  • Request to INCTR to manage OERC accounting and create a separate bank account for OERC. Decide about procedure and signatories [Anil]
  • Formal acquisition of "" domain name. The domain name was registered by Rita Lewis. My suggestion is that till such time a formal organization is created for OERC, INCTR serves as a secretariat on behalf of both the founding organizations—iBharti Foundation and INCTR. This may involve a small payment [Anil]
  • From: Hanley, Gerry [Posted by Anil on behalf of Gerry]

Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 10:14 PM
I won’t be able to make the call tomorrow.
On the Teaching Commons side, the taxonomy is ready for people to submit
materials in MERLOT. It would be useful for people to try to submit 1
material so they would recognize questions they have. We could do this over
a conference call and I could walk them through the process. All they need
is to find a website they like. Then on the next call, we can do the walk
through – should take about 15 mins.
I still have simplified the TC. I’m going to draft a plan – based on the my
notes on the last call - and then get the plan out to the team. I’m a
little behind on this. If we can get agreement on the design, then I’ll
implement the design.

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